Scaling Atlassian Deployments for Canadian Government Agencies

August 25, 2021

Joanne Yo
Canada Regional Lead, Atlassian

Canadian government agencies are using Atlassian solutions to modernize their ICT systems and approaches at record pace. As you discover more ways to leverage the functionality of Atlassian workflows inside of your agency, it’s only natural that your Atlassian user base and needs will grow.

As more of your teams standardize on Jira and Confluence, it’s time to evaluate your scaling, support and performance needs. Whether that future involves migrating to Atlassian cloud or the on-premises Atlassian Data Center, you are assured of the high availability, greater reliability, and low latency your agency and programs need. This blog will explore which path is best suited to your agency’s needs.

Accelerate enterprise innovation and reduce costs with Atlassian cloud

Migrating to Atlassian cloud reduces your capital investment in servers, storage, network equipment, software maintenance stacks, repairs, and updates. At the same time, you can align with the Government of Canada’s cloud-first strategy. Migration to one of the robust Atlassian cloud plans provides seamless deployment, scalability, and security. Plus, you can accelerate your development and daily workflows, easily onboard new users, and scale your services on the fly. Automated delivery of new features and integrations frees your IT team from time-consuming maintenance, letting them focus on higher-value projects. Leverage the power of Atlassian cloud to fulfill your agency’s mission, not just for today, but for the future as well. Shortly, Atlassian cloud will meet Canadian Data Residency requirements.

Maintain control over your data with the self-managed Atlassian Enterprise Data Center

Migrating to Atlassian Enterprise Data Center is the ideal solution for maintaining “behind the firewall” control of all your data and applications. With the Atlassian self-managed Data Center, you can gain maximum control over your data and manage complexity at scale. The self-managed Data Center also provides the freedom to meet your site-specific needs and all applicable government data residency requirements. Enjoy the benefits of high availability and zero downtime and choose between your own infrastructure or hosting in a public cloud.

Key considerations for choosing your migration path

In deciding which of our world-class plans to choose, it is important to examine these considerations:

  • Number of users and applications: Right-size based on your mission, use of applications, number of potential users, and budget.
  • Performance and uptime requirements: Consider peak load times and which Atlassian plans best meet your usage requirements.
  • Compliance governance: Evaluate your need for data residency and PIPEDA compliance, as well as technical and business requirements. Higher compliance requirements may necessitate migrating to our self-managed Data Center plan.
  • Migration complexity: Determine what is involved in your migration journey. For a cloud migration, focus on the security aspects, number of users, and any budgetary considerations. For Data Center migration, evaluate your need for clustered vs. non-clustered architecture, self-management or third-party hosting, and the cadence for updating your apps.

Seamlessly migrate to one of Atlassian’s high-performance plans

Atlassian offers feature-rich Cloud and Data Center enterprise platform options, each tailored to meet your infrastructure and security needs. Once you have decided on your path forward, our solution partners will deliver expert implementation support for a white-glove migration experience. You can also obtain peer advice and guidance from members of the Atlassian Community.

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