Three Ways to Make the Most of your Atlassian Software

June 3, 2020

Thad West
Co-Founder & CEO, Isos Technology and Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Solution Partner

More than 150,000 organizations worldwide rely on Atlassian software for project management, collaboration, IT service management, and more. Atlassian’s solutions are highly customizable to fit the needs of a wide variety of organizations, whether it’s the backbone for your application development teams or your knowledge base and workflow engine for your entire organization. Switching to Atlassian products can be a game changer for an organization—and one way to make the most of the investment in the software is to work with an Atlassian Solution Partner.

Atlassian is unique among software companies because it does not staff a dedicated sales or account services team to provide demos and assist with software implementation. Instead, they partner with industry-leading consultants, trainers, and thought leaders to lead organizations through the acquisition and implementation process. Atlassian’s Solution Partner program has a tiered structure that holds all partners to a rigorous standard when it comes to Atlassian certification and expertise in order to provide the highest level of service for any customer’s needs.

Atlassian Solution Partners can help organizations implement, maintain, and optimize their Atlassian toolsets, offering services ranging from building out business continuity or disaster recovery plans to scaling out the number of users to general onboarding and configuration. Working together with a Solution Partner allows users to take full advantage of Atlassian’s offerings.

Start Off on the Right Foot

Implementing Atlassian software into an organization is a big task and often comes with a steep learning curve for administrators. Instead of tasking administrators with becoming experts of all aspects of the software—including setup, strategy, and long-term maintenance and scaling—many organizations bring in an Atlassian Solution Partner to carry the load so their in-house team can focus on using the tools to run operations.

By bringing in an Atlassian Solution Partner early on in the process, organizations can ensure that the planning and rollout of the software is quick and seamless. While software like Jira and Confluence are easy to get going right out of the box, there are a lot of complex questions buried in the configuration—how do the tools work, and how can they be configured to meet the organization’s needs? What is the best way to establish governance and change management within the tools? An experienced partner can create a comprehensive strategy for software implementation and training, reducing the learning curve and ensuring the organization is set up for success from the start.

Once an organization has implemented Atlassian tools and optimized them to meet its needs, the next step is ensuring everyone within the organization can make the most of them. Atlassian Solution Partners can lead course-based curriculum training, allowing organizations to efficiently scale up their user base.

Take Advantage of the Marketplace—Strategically

One of the biggest assets to using Atlassian tools is access to its robust marketplace, which lists thousands of apps for Jira and other products. However, choosing the right solution can be a challenge, and it’s not unusual for organizations to find themselves with dozens of apps in their environment.

An Atlassian Solution Partner can help organizations home in on the best and most efficient solutions, as well as introduce them to apps they might not have considered, making the most of the marketplace without unnecessarily overloading the environment. Atlassian Solution Partners often work closely with the app vendors in the ecosystem, giving them the tools and insight to help organizations get the full value out of the apps they purchase.

Similarly, for data center or server deploys, Atlassian Solution Partners can guide organizations on whether they need a custom integration buildout or can use an existing solution in the marketplace. Experienced partners can take a holistic look at an organization’s systems and tools and strategize how Atlassian products can be integrated throughout the enterprise. This insight helps organizations maximize their investment in Atlassian products.

Free Up Internal Resources

Once an organization has implemented Atlassian tools and optimized them to meet its needs, it is important to continually measure success and ensure that the solution is continuously improved over time. The use of the Atlassian tools will change and grow over time to match the changing needs of your organization. Atlassian Solution Partners can ensure the software is optimized and delivering on value long after initial deployment—a focus that can get lost among in-house administrators that have more pressing responsibilities to focus on.

Atlassian Solution Partners can continue to provide support, scaling, and other longer-term incremental improvements through a managed services program, allowing them to focus on the frequent optimization of Atlassian tools and freeing up resources for in-house teams.

Atlassian software solutions have revolutionized business for thousands of organizations, but the best way to fully optimize the tools for your organization’s needs—even as those change over time—is by partnering with an Atlassian Solution Provider. They bring the proven expertise, dedicated support, and connection with industry vendors needed to make the most of Atlassian solutions, both at implementation and over time.

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