Senzing is providing the first real-time AI for entity resolution. The Senzing software produces human-like decisions in real time about who is who and who is related to whom within your data. You can use the resolved and related entity data downstream to deliver better results for:

  • fraud detection (e.g., healthcare, retirement and disability benefits fraud)
  • risk scoring (e.g., employee and applicant background checks and continuous vetting )
  • intelligence (e.g., immigration watch lists, investigations)
  • law enforcement (e.g., intersections between suspects, bad actors and people of interest)

We ship you code, you deploy onsite or in your cloud. No private data flows to Senzing. You can download Senzing and try it for free. No training or tuning. No entity resolution experts required.


  • Senzing: World-class, plug-and-play entity resolution software that runs on your Windows or Mac desktop.
  • Senzing API: Libraries that Java, Python, or C programmers can use to integrate Senzing entity resolution into new or existing applications.


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Our report finds that it will take days, not hours, to rigorously search all databases and collect all relevant data in order to be GDPR compliant. In the absence of a technological solution, businesses will need to hire in some cases many employees on a full time basis just to handle the volume of ...