SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®) is an independent U.S. subsidiary of the global enterprise software company SAP, offering a full suite of world-class enterprise applications, analytics, database, cyber security, cloud, and mobile software solutions from SAP, with specialized levels of security and support to meet the unique mission requirements of U.S. national security and critical infrastructure customers. In addition to software solutions, the company offers secure consulting and support services from credentialed experts in the national security space.

With 100% U.S.-based facilities and staff, SAP NS2 is building on more than 15 years of experience in supporting U.S. Government entities and private companies such as defense contractors, telecom carriers, and major financial institutions that have special information assurance needs. With SAP solutions, delivered by SAP NS2, your organization can run faster, smarter, and leaner in the most secure environments — from the headquarters to the data center to the front lines. Our solutions are trusted to run some of the largest, most demanding, and most sensitive databases and applications in the world. Now let us help you.

Upcoming Events

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Rocky Mountain Cyber Symposium (RMCS)/ AFCEA Cyberspace (3/5-3/8)

  • Colorado Springs, CO

Insider Threat Summit (3/20)

  • Monterey, CA

Space Symposium (AFSPC) (4/16-4/19)

  • Colorado Springs, CO

GEOINT (4/22-4/24)

  • Tampa, FL
  • Booth #1227

AFCEA Defensive Cyber Ops Symposium (5/15-5/17)

  • Baltimore, MD

National Homeland Security Conference (7/9-7/12)

  • New York, NY

TechNet Augusta (9/20-9/23)

  • Augusta, GA

TechNet Pacific (11/13-11/15)

  • Honolulu, HI




The SAP HANA® platform unites database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, and processing to enable a new generation of technologies and architectures to support mission objectives.


CIOs face a number of challenges when it comes to keeping the data center up and running both efficiently and cost effectively. And given the fact that almost everything in the data center generates log files, it’s not uncommon to see volumes of 100 million events per day.

Acting with speed and precision is a vital component to providing National Security to our nation's citizens. Challenges such as reduced reaction times, fewer analysts to address the increase in available data, and an escalation in pervasive threats - make achieving this efficiency harder than ever ...

SAP HANA® combines a high-performance in-memory database with multiple analytical engines to deliver agile analysis and information processing to support situational awareness and tactical intelligence. It provides the necessary speed, scale, flexibility, simplicity, and interoperability to fully e...