Dtex helps eliminate insider threat. It can catch breaches and stop data theft with answers you can’t get anywhere else. Dtex helps catch outside infiltrators who may be targeting vulnerable users inside an organizationby preventing unusual data aggregation and privilege escalation. It finds malicious insiders and prevents them from stealing valuable data by showing you when your security controls are being bypassed. Dtex also helps protect organizations from negligent insiders by keeping data safe — both on and off the network — without restricting employees’ productivity or violating their privacy.


Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform

The Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform combines technology, intelligence, and services to provide cutting-edge protection from user threats. With the platform, you can:

  • Prevent unusual data aggregation
  • Detect privilege escalation
  • See lateral movement tools
  • Detect ransomware
  • Stop data exfiltration and offline risky user behavior
  • See when security controls are misconfigured or bypassed
  • Find employees who are using equipment for illegal activities

It features:

  • Ultra-lightweight endpoint data collector
  • Advanced user behavior analytics
  • Privacy compliance
  • Thousands of known bad behavior patterns
  • Targeted alerts dashboard
  • Full integration with SIEM
  • Expert analysts and threat assessments


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Dtex gives you the data and the visibility that you can't get anywhere else. Here's how it works, from end-to-end.

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