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Virtustream, a Dell Technologies Business, is the enterprise-class cloud company trusted by businesses and organizations globally to transform and move their mission-critical applications to the cloud. Virtustream offers the reliability, security, compliance, and performance of a dedicated private cloud, combined with the flexibility, scalability, and economic benefits of a public cloud. With Virtustream, enterprises can focus on delivering value and innovation rather than spending time and effort operating and running complex applications, including ERP systems like SAP, medical records management systems like Epic, and other numerous mission-critical applications.

Virtustream’s experts have extensive experience working directly with SAP applications, and can help enterprises achieve increased performance and availability, reduced costs, powerful security, and proactive regulatory compliance reporting.



Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

  • Virtustream Enterprise Cloud
    • Not all clouds are created equal. Unlike general purpose public clouds, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is a true enterprise-class cloud, built to run complex, mission-critical enterprise applications. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud simplifies the enterprise cloud migration journey for traditional enterprise applications – especially those not designed for cloud, all while driving down application TCO and time-to-cloud, supported by a full suite of professional, migration, and managed services. For enterprises, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud offers guaranteed high availability and performance backed by industry leading 99.999% infrastructure SLAs, integrated security, compliance, backup, and disaster recovery solutions, all while achieving superior economics to maximize their IT investments.


Virtustream Federal Cloud

  • Virtustream Federal Cloud
    • Virtustream Federal Cloud was built to handle mission-critical applications for the most complex, highly secure IT landscapes in the world. As an organization’s public sector IT budget remains stagnant or even decreases, expectations for new technology are continually rising. Virtustream Federal Cloud allows organizations to cut costs from their most expensive and time-consuming mission-critical applications. Additionally, Virtustream’s true consumption-based pricing model allows federal government IT departments to only pay for what they use—improving economics beyond basic virtualization, and freeing up budgetary funding to be allocated to other areas. Our cloud was built to handle the most sensitive types of data, all with the appropriate compliance and security standards. Integrate and automate security, compliance, and other functions—and get a real-time, predictive picture of your entire enterprise risk management (ERM) landscape. Our professional services teams and suppliers specialize in supporting federal, state and local entities—helping them meet mandatory requirements such as FedRAMP, ITAR, and ISO 9001/22301/27001.


Virtustream Healthcare Cloud

  • Virtustream Healthcare Cloud
    • Virtustream lets healthcare providers modernize health IT environments in a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant cloud purpose-built for mission-critical Epic applications. Virtustream Healthcare Cloud is designed for the applications that matter most – the most capable and modern EHR solutions. With Virtustream Healthcare Cloud, healthcare providers can improve quality of care by expanding EHR usage and launching new patient engagement systems and precision health platforms—all with cloud-based architectures that maintain the security of protected health information (PHI) and reduce operational cost while enabling healthcare delivery organizations to leverage:
      • Empowered Speed and Agility. Pre-configured templates, rapid provision, and faster response to changing market conditions.
      • Reduced Complexity. Automated self-service and standardized, SLA driven managed services with the ability to run more than EHR platforms.
      • Cost Efficiency. Leveraging economies of scale and shifting capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operational expenditure (OPEX).
      • Enhanced Scalability. Providing an architecture with scale up or scale out capabilities and on-demand capacity.


xStream® Cloud Management Platform

  • xStream® Cloud Management Platform
    • xStream was created to deliver economic and business benefits for your entire portfolio of applications—including mission-critical enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and more. Whether it’s ERP, CRM, databases, mail, web apps, or thousands more, xStream enables your IT environment and outperform traditional IT operations. In addition to the CPU and RAM measurements typically used to allocate virtual machine resources, xStream incorporates network and storage I/O—ensuring that workloads are never I/O-starved, regardless of transaction or storage read/write volume. These metrics are also used to define service-level agreements (SLAs) from infrastructure through operating system (OS) and databases (DBs). Enterprise IT can now run existing applications, including production SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and custom applications in the cloud, with SLAs structured to cover beyond infrastructure availability.


xStreamCare Services™

  • xStreamCare Services™
    • Enterprise IT leaders around the world are looking to optimize performance, reduce operating and support costs, improve service levels and efficiently maintain their application portfolios. xStreamCare Services enable these leaders to take a strategic, platform-agnostic approach by optimizing the management of traditional workloads while accelerating cloud-native application deployments. By building on Virtustream’s decade-long experience, end-to-end industrialized processes, and deep technical expertise in migrating and managing enterprise-class applications in the cloud, xStreamCare Services deliver a proven modernization process for your enterprise applications.
      • xStreamCare Services™ for SAP - Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services for SAP deliver a personalized ‘white-glove’ experience tailored to customers-specific requirements. As part of Virtustream’s one-hand-to-shake model, Virtustream provides complete accountability as the single provider of enterprise cloud, modernization, migration and ongoing management of your SAP applications, including operating systems, databases and multi-datacenter backup and disaster recovery. xStreamCare Services leverage Virtustream’s cloud expertise in platform, OS, and applications to enhance your end results. As the move to the cloud is completed, you can select to offload day-to-day operational complexities with Virtustream’s managed services, providing fully-managed white glove cloud service from the IaaS layer up to the operating system, database, and Basis layer. This includes proactive incident-event management, monitoring, alerts, troubleshooting, and other pre-scoped services.
      • xStreamCare Services™ for EHR Platform - Virtustream’s xStreamCare Services for EHR Platform provides a managed platform for your Epic EHR migration or implementation, with a personalized white glove delivery that is involved throughout each step of your journey to the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud. This proven, comprehensive approach to cloud deployment enables you to enlist Virtustream’s Epic certified experts to handle the maintenance and operations of your Epic EHR systems while your staff focuses on innovating and delivering patient care. Virtustream’s certified specialists promote Epic alignment by working with your environment to ensure all activity is aligned to Epic’s standards. The experience and operational know-how of our Epic team drives value to our customers, delivering business benefits that can reduce overall risk and increase the performance of their Epic applications.



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