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Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $20 Billion by 2021, making them a top concern for public sector organizations. Ransomware is big business and attackers are relentless in their pursuit to develop new, creative ways to infiltrate corporate networks and IT environments to seize data and hold it hostage. The key is to be resilient and to be able to restore at scale. View a variety of resources, reports, and articles to learn more about how to protect your at-risk data from ransomware and schedule as assessment of your current environment to see if your agency should be confident in your current security strategy.


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Is your organization prepared for ransomware attacks? The Veritas Ransomware Data Protection Assessment is an expert advisory program providing guidance on how organizations can protect themselves against ransomware attacks. Expert consultants utilize a comprehensive strategic approach, looking at the issues and responses to threats. The deliverables move past theoretical discussions to provide practical mitigating solutions to meet organization demands. Click on the graphic to the left to learn more about the assessments or sign up now using the form to the right!

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StateScoop Ransomware Survey

Federal and state agency IT leaders are battling a growing array of ransomware attacks. Data recovery capabilities and comprehensive planning hold the most promise for ensuring they don’t have to pay. In a new survey of federal and state government information technology decision makers, FedScoop and StateScoop explore how federal and state government agency leaders view the growing ransomware threat and what they’re doing to protect against it.

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Podcast: Minimizing Cyber Risk with Improved Data Backup and Recovery
In this podcast, Rick Bryant, National Healthcare Architect and Ransomware Expert at Veritas Technologies, shares how modern data management and backup solutions can reduce cyber risk for agencies during a new StateScoop podcast underwritten by Veritas Technologies and Carahsoft. He also highlights data governance and other best practices that leaders should consider.

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NetBackup Appliances – Ransomware Protection Whitepaper
Ransomware and ransomware attacks are a top concern for enterprise customers today. Spear phishing works. Ransomware is big business and attackers are relentless. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the ransomware and malicious insider problem, the basics of how ransomware works, as well as to provide a detailed description about how businesses can best protect themselves and recover from a ransomware event using Veritas NetBackup Appliances.

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Podcast Steps for Stronger Security with Modern Data Backup Plans
With an increase in personal computing devices connecting to agency networks and the ability to compromise the home networks they dial in from, it has made it easier for ransomware hackers to find pathways into agency data systems. In this podcast, listen to Dave Cerjan, Mike Malaret and Barry Levine of Veritas discuss protecting teleworkers and federal data from ransomware.

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Ransomware: The Path Ahead

When thinking about ransomware, history dictates that an attack will happen and remediation will be required. The defining point will be how much damage the attack causes, financially and otherwise. At a rudimentary level, organizations should be concerned with the protection of all business-critical information as well as the ability to detect potential ransomware threats and ensure a quick, automated recovery of an entire business application, if needed. This progression—a simple, three-step framework—supports the protect, detect and recover components of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy.

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4 Ways to Ensure Ransomware Resiliency

At Veritas, we recommend prioritizing backup and recovery as a reliable part of a comprehensive, multilayered resiliency framework— a part that supports the protect, detect and recover components of an organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Our solutions help you fortify all critical and valuable data, detect potential ransomware threats and ensure orchestrated and automated recovery, so you are up and running quickly. Here are a few reasons to look to Veritas for your ransomware resiliency strategy.

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Best Practices to Combat the Threat of Ransomware with Veritas

Best Practices to Combat the Threat of
Ransomware with Veritas

Veritas solutions were developed with resiliency at top of mind, so we could provide our customers with dependable solutions to ensure their business was up and running with minimal impact. Our solutions protect IT systems and data integrity with a wide range of security controls to suit your needs. These tools monitor and detect threats with a complete view of your user activity and data infrastructure and provide backup monitoring capabilities to ensure your critical data is protected. The Veritas brand and Veritas NetBackup™ software have been synonymous with resiliency for decades. Dependable Veritas solutions incorporate proven technology, so you can recover quickly with automation and orchestration at scale.

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Ransomware Infographic

Veritas has pointed out that paying hackers is a losing game. A total of 2,000 consumers were interviewed in April 2020 to join a global sample size of 12,000 adults over the age of 18. The findings in this infographic detail how they feel about certain topics such as sanctions against CEOs, company ransomware attacks, trust levels surrounding such events, and more.

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Get Resilient Against Ransomware with Veritas

Close the gaps in your ransomware strategy and ensure business resilience by focusing on three key priorities: Protect, Detect, Recover. Veritas lets you manage it all on a single, unified platform.

NetBackup Ransomware Protection Video Overview

In this 2-minute video, we examine: 

  • How Ransomware attacks are a top concern for enterprise customers today
  • How to protect against the potential attack of backup and recovery infrastructure
  • How to quickly recover production environments with NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances

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Ransomware Attacks Map Chronicles a growing threat

In May, Allan Liska, an intelligence analyst at the cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, published research that caught the attention of security analysts and government officials everywhere. It included a list of 169 different ransomware attacks against state and local governments dating back to 2013, but that were now cropping up at an alarming rate. 
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StateScoop States Need Better Article.jpg States need better data recovery to forestall ransomware threats

State agencies’ data is increasingly at risk to ransomware attack, in part due to poor backup and recovery practices, according to findings from a new survey. Among state IT and agency leaders polled, 69 percent said it would take their agency from 12 hours to over a month to recover the most critical data if it was affected by a ransomware attack.
Ransomware defense starts with smarter backup and recovery plans

If state government leaders are resolved to avoid the disruption and expense of a ransomware attack, they must ensure their agency has necessary data backup and recovery systems and strategies in place, say security experts in a new report.
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