Voyager Analytics Inc. is a world leader in AI-driven advanced technologies for human behavior analysis. We've developed a proprietary AI-based technology that harnesses billions of data points from publicly available unstructured data to reveal deep actionable insights. Our clients, dispersed worldwide, include tier-one law enforcement and intelligence agencies, who use our technology to accelerate and enhance their investigative and intelligence missions.


VoyagerAnalytics is an award winning, AI-driven in-depth analysis platform. It enables analysts to reveal insights, uncover hidden connections, and focus on the most relevant leads in investigations. By tapping into the vast ocean of publicly available unstructured data, users can reveal deep actionable insights on individuals, groups and topics, understand complex multi-dimensional interactions between them and deep dive to uncover more information on each. For more information, watch this video.

VoyagerCheck is an AI-driven automated risk assessment platform. It can automatically answer a set of predefined questions in near real time. For example, it can be used for risk assessment, to identify and flag individuals who might pose a risk.


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Voyager Analytics® is a Big Data platform for analyzing human behavior in social networks. It conducts real-time deep analysis and provides actionable insights that empower our clients to strengthen and protect their interests.

Voyager Analytics' big data solution, Genesis, provides an exclusive law enforcement tool for analyzing information about relationships and behavior from social networks. Check out this short video to see how Genesis transforms this process into an easy, efficient, and comprehensive analysis for law...