ThoughtSpot makes it easy for anyone to get answers from their agency data in seconds with search & AI. Simply search using natural language to analyze your data and get automated insights with a single click.

Users can ask a question of their data and Thoughtspot calculates an answer on the fly:

  • Personnel specialists can ask, “how many trained airmen do we have ready to deploy that speak Farsi?”
  • Financial analysts can ask, “How many contracts have we awarded this FY over $1M?
  • Intelligence or law enforcement analysts can ask, “Who else was in a specific location at a specific time?”

In addition to returning the instant answers to these questions, Thoughtspot ‘s AI-engine, SpotIQ, also shows outliers and anomalies in the data to help the users uncover areas of interest.


ThoughtSpot - Search & AI-Driven analytics platform

SearchIQ - natural language processing (NLP) that enables users to “converse” with their data and search using only their voice and casual, everyday language.

SpotIQ - AI-engine which gives you answers to questions you didn’t think to ask

Falcon - the world’s fastest in-memory calculation engine

Embrace - Search & AI Analytics in-database for the cloud

Embedded Analytics- Fully customizable analytics in your existing workflow


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GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- December 19, 2021


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ThoughtSpot is a new breed of search engine designed for data analytics. As you type, ThoughtSpot instantly calculates answers and presents the best visualization for your search. Anyone can use ThoughtSpot with zero training to ask questions, analyze company data, and build reports and dashboards -...

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ThoughtSpot is the leader in search & AI-driven analytics for enterprises. We help the world’s largest companies succeed in the digital era by putting the power of a thousand analysts in every business person's hands.


Anyone in the Procurement organization can uncover insights around cost, quality, delivery and risk, to measure supplier performance, and better manage supplier relationships - all in seconds with search & AI-driven analytics.


Learn about the technology behind SpotIQ and how it automatically spots hidden trends and patterns in data, learns what’s most important based on usage behavior, and delivers trusted and personalized insights.