Born out of research at MIT, Omnisci is a breakthrough analytics technology powered by the massive parallel processing and visualization capabilities of GPUs. Omnisci lets analysts and data scientists query, visualize and interact with billions of rows of data in milliseconds dramatically accelerating operational analytics, data science, and geospatial analytics.


  • MapD Core - The World’s Fastest Open-Source SQL Engine
  • MapD Immerse - Visual Exploration of Big Data at the Speed of Thought


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Solutions Brief

The OmniSci extreme analytics platform enables all stakeholders to query, visualize, and interact with big datasets with zero perceptible latency, meaning analytical exploration happens at the speed of thought.

Read this solutions brief to learn how OmniSci helped the US Air Force achieve information dominance.

The OmniSci extreme analytics platform gives the Army information dominance by delivering analytical querying and data visualization at mission speed.

A technology that gives Commanders information dominance, by delivering analytical querying and visualizations at mission speed.

Discover how OmniSci helps Government Agencies take advantage of all the data.


This white paper begins with a technical overview of the OmniSci platform and the three components that make it so fast at scale: the OmniSci Core SQL engine, the OmniSci rendering engine and the OmniSci Immerse visualization system.