Build Massively Distributed Apps on the JVM

If you've been challenged to build a near real-time data-centric application, designed to handle massive scale without breaking your hardware budget, we suggest you take a look at Lightbend to succeed with your mission.

Lightbend is the provider of the world's leading Reactive application development platform. We are a passionate crew of technology pioneers committed to building amazing software. We build and maintain the Play web framework, the Akka concurrency runtime, and the Scala programming language. Our mission is to help developers build high-performance applications that are message-driven, elastic, resilient and responsive.

A better way to build Big Data applications

Lightbend is the platform supporting some of the most admired Big Data applications in the market including LinkedIn, Netflix, and Twitter. Organizations choose Lightbend's concurrent, async architecture as a more modern way to address issues around Big Data development and massive scale.

Scale without breaking your hardware budget

With Lightbend, you can stop throwing hardware dollars at application software issues. This will allow you to stretch your funding and achieve your cost savings mission while experiencing unprecedented scalability.

  • Twitter achieved a > 10x performance improvement on the same hardware.
  • Walmart saved 20% to 50% in web-related infrastructure costs.

Attract and retain the top developer talent

We continually hear from users how much fun they have developing with Lightbend technology. And managers tell us the allurement of working with Lightbend technology is one of their strongest enticements for attracting top talent. If you are looking for a way to attract, inspire, and retain top developer talent, take a look at Lightbend.

"It is hard to put into words how exciting it has been to work on a project like this. This is the most fun I've ever had developing a system - and I have been developing software for a very long time. Using Lifebend allowed us to come up with a design that we could only dream of before we became aware of the platform."


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