ID.me is the next-generation digital identity platform that provides for trusted and convenient interactions between individuals and organizations. Government agencies and commercial partners use ID.me for online identity proofing and authentication to ensure their platforms and users are protected from fraud and identity theft. The platform brings together best-in-class identity and fraud vendors into a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy solution for partners.

ID.me’s identity platform meets the highest standards for online identity proofing and authentication, without compromising access for hard-to- identify groups. The federally-accredited platform uses a combination of remote verification of physical IDs, mobile network operator data, fraud algorithms, and FIDO U2F capabilities to securely verify a user’s identity.


ID.me Identity Gateway: The ID.me Identity Gateway provides a FICAM accredited Credential Service Provider (CSP) capability at Levels of Assurance 1, 2,3, a double-blinded credential broker capable of federating logins from external CSPs, and an attribute exchange capable of federating attributes from registration authorities. The Identity Gateway delivers assertions via standardized identity protocols: SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, and OpenID Connect. The service aligns to the principles of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and NIST SP 800-63-3.


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Verifying a citizen’s identity is the first step in establishing that person’s eligibility to receive and interact with government digital services. Today, it’s a complicated process meaning more passwords, higher vulnerability, increased confusion, and increased risk. Download our datasheet t...


How to close the gap and secure digital access for all with in-person proofing. Download the white paper to learn more.

In 2016, a record high 88% of all online accounts were created with federated logins. Download our whitepaper to find out how ID.me does federated identity differently.