Fornetix is helping organizations unleash the full potential of encryption by conquering the key management bottleneck. Our Key Orchestration ecosystem automates the key lifecycle across the entire enterprise with groundbreaking precision and speed. Policy-driven automation of the key rotation lifecycle reduces human error and empowers your organization to remain secure and avoid costly data breaches. As global use of encryption rapidly expands, you can be prepared for the future with unparalleled scalability.


  • KO-2000: Hardware appliance (2U) with key capacity in the hundreds of millions.
  • KO-1000: Hardware appliance (1U) with key capacity in the tens of millions.
  • Orchestration Plug-ins: Enable KMIP functionality on devices and services that are not traditionally compatible with the Key Management Interoperability Protocol
  • Professional Services: Our team of experts is ready to build a custom solution to fit your precise needs.


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KOA is a cryptographic key management appliance that can integrate with any KMIP-compliant client or device to centrally manage all encryption keys across your enterprise, whether it be encrypted data at rest, in transit, or in use.

The Secure Data Protection Platform (SDP2) enables encryption for data-at-rest with zero impact on performance. Replace traditional NAS data storage in both physical and virtual environments with a drop-in solution that is effortless to implement and maintain.


Data protection is a fundamental goal of cybersecurity. Current cybersecurity solutions attempt to do this in one of two ways: Preventing bad actors from breaching network perimetersQuickly detecting network breaches once the perimeter has been breached.

Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) was introduced by OASIS in 2010. OASIS is a non-profit consortium that focuses on bringing standards to information technology industries. This includes standards for information security and the Internet of Things (IoT). KMIP is a protocol that defin...