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ExAM serves as a tool for organizations to build applications on the Salesforce platform by providing quality code. ExAM helps organizations perform inspections, assessments and complex surveys in the field on your mobile devices. Move your inspections, data collections, surveys and compliance process into the field and onto your mobile devices, then make better decisions with advanced analytics. Save money by creating a paperless process with no software to buy or hardware to maintain.

ExAM will help you:

  1. Gather information.
  2. Get it to (from) the right peoplet
  3. Get it in the right form.
  4. Get it into your processes.
  5. Get results.

Along the way you can leverage the platforms capability to understand, collaborate and implement in real time.



Download this survey of industry trends, practices, and challenges.


Hospitals leverage standards, quality assurance procedures and inspection processes in order to ensure compliance with a complex array of legal requirements, policy and protocols that support patient care. For a majority of processes in a hospital you can expect an inspection to ensure protocol...