Product Overview

Sailfish empowers anyone to unlock the power of big data and analytics. Inside our platform, users can curate various data sets, collaborate and manage their data with their team, and ask questions and run analyses with our easy-to-use workflows. Sailfish is powered by Booz Allen’s team of 600 data scientists who can assist with curation recommendations, sophisticated analyses, and more. Booz Allen has worked with numerous organizations to meet their analytics needs.


Sailfish Exchange
Sailfish Exchange help users curate the right data. Users can collect, rate, organize, and comment on data and share it in a social media–based forum—no matter the file type or where it’s stored. Sailfish Exchange collects data from several internal and external sources and makes it available to everyone. With permission, this information becomes accessible to other Sailfish Exchange users, who can also add to it. The more people who participate in Sailfish Exchange, the greater the organization’s treasury of curated data.

Sailfish Explore
Sailfish allows people with diverse skills—both technical and non-technical—to analyze data without having to know code. Analysts and others can ask questions about the data without having to know programming languages. They simply look for insights in the data using natural language and intuitive interfaces, and shape and focus queries with a broad range of easy to-use modules that can be switched in and out. Sailfish Explore gives analysts and executives alike a better way to find answers.

Data Science on Demand
As users are managing and analyzing their data, they can tap into Booz Allen’s vast data science workforce for help. Data Science on Demand gives users access to Booz Allen’s more than 600 world-class data scientists, analysts, and specialists within the Sailfish platform. Our team offers enhanced data analysis and custom project development, with expertise in areas including machine learning, quantum computing, and natural language processing.


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With Sailfish from Booz Allen Hamilton, federal agencies can effectively reference and access millions of records from disparate sources. They can create and expand collaborative, shared libraries of reliable data sources and quickly transform them into cross-referenced, context-rich analytical resu...


At Booz Allen, we believe that data science is a team sport. And in any team sport, collaboration is key. All of the new enhancements we made to Sailfish, our signature analytics platform, are designed to make it even easier for teams to work together on data projects.

We know that data is as important to business and government as labor and capital. Yet deriving meaning from data can be near impossible at times, especially when organizations don’t have the talent or resources available. We believe everyone has the right to understand their data, no matter their...

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It’s the middle of the night and you wake up with crippling side pain. Convinced you’re suffering from a burst appendix, you hightail it to the emergency room (ER).Depending on where you live you could wait hours to be seen. By applying data science to the treasure trove of open data now availab...

Booz Allen's Polaris solution for integrated cost and schedule risk analysis- giving program managers the insights they need to ensure project success.

In today's government climate, ensuring efficiency and demonstrating program effectiveness is crucial. Program Managers are challenged to deliver performance on increasingly complex projects even while budgets shift and political priorities change. Booz Allen's Polaris(tm) gives Project Managers the...

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