Blue Cedar is the leading mobile app security integration platform for organizations who need to continuously integrate best in class security controls into their mobile apps through an automated, no-code, enterprise grade solution. Blue Cedar provides consistent protection while mitigating company risk of data exposure, ultimately saving thousands of development hours and substantial IT budget. Blue Cedar is funded by leading venture capital firms and is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit www.bluecedar.com.


The Blue Cedar Integration Platform

Integrate With One Click
Enable mobile app security for ISV and custom mobile apps with a single click. No coding or DevSecOps resources are required to get the granular app-level controls needed for effective mobile application management (MAM).

Choose Your Security
Accelerators are the bridge that enables Blue Cedar to inject security libraries into mobile apps without coding. Choose between the Blue Cedar Accelerator for Blackberry or Blue Cedar’s Secure Edge accelerators to embed security controls into custom and ISV mobile apps.

Enable App Innovations
Blue Cedar frees up mobile developer’s time for app innovations by reducing app integration to a single click and makes the complex and error-prone process of integrating security libraries into mobile apps appear to be trivial.

Consume and Develop Your Way
Blue Cedar provides enterprise developers with choice. Deploy it on premises or consume it in the cloud and develop using all app frameworks and databases


Latest News

Blue Cedar today announced a $17 million Series B financing round anchored by new investor C5 Capital, a specialist venture capital firm focused on cyber security, data analytics and cloud computing. ...



Text to associate with this resource: Learn how the Blue Cedar platform enables BlackBerry Dynamics in mobile apps without coding.

Text to associate with this resource: Learn how Blue Cedar can integrate security into mobile apps without coding.


We announced a significant milestone in the growth of Blue Cedar - the completion of our series B financing.


Text to associate with this resource: Learn how to embed Blue Cedar’s device-independent security and IT controls for app data stored locally on the device.

Solutions Brief

Deploy Microsoft Intune-enabled apps and BlackBerry Dynamics-enabled apps faster