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The open source development model ensures constant innovation and iteration through a decentralized community of thousands of contributors to projects’ codebases. With presidential mandates and a recognized need for modern software spurring open source adoption in the public sector, IT leaders must determine how free open source and its enterprise alternatives fit into their purchasing strategies.


Enterprise open source software providers leverage the innovation of community-driven open source projects, while embedding the built-in security, scalability and support required in the enterprise environments of public sector IT organizations. Carahsoft provides Federal, State and Local Government agencies as well as Education and Healthcare organizations with enterprise open source IT solutions to modernize their approach to IT.

Your Trusted Enterprise Open Source Technology Provider

Carahsoft’s industry-leading portfolio of enterprise open source software providers support mission success across all levels of government. The U.S. and Canadian public sector can access best in class open source solutions through Carahsoft’s numerous contracts, including:

  • Agency-specific agreements
  • Government acquisition vehicles
  • Cooperative purchasing contracts

Explore Carahsoft’s portfolio of enterprise open source software providers below to identify the best-fit technology for your mission needs.

  • All Open Source Vendors
  • Red Hat Solutions (4)
  • Open Source AI/ML & Data Analytics (16)
  • Open Source Cybersecurity (11)
  • Open Source DevSecOps (14)
  • Open Source Digital Experience (7)
  • Open Source MultiCloud (14)

All Open Source Vendors

Carahsoft's enterprise open source solutions portfolio brings flexible, open principles to the public sector enabling improved, modernized mission capabilities and cross-team colaboration. Choose a technology vendor below to explore its Open Source solutions and services.

Collaborative Innovation in Government

Jason Schick, General Manager of Confluent US Public Sector, explores how, by capturing data into streams of real-time events, agencies boost their ability to provide responsive digital services.
Howard Levenson, Regional Vice President at Databricks, details how, thanks to advances in storage and analysis, agencies can harness all their data for more effective decision-making.
The Air Force's CIO, Lauren Knausenberger, Material Leader of Platform One, Lt. Col. Brian Viola and CTO, Maj. Camdon Cady explore the approach to and benefits of open source.

Enterprise Software Solution Trends

Open Source Conferences and Events

Hosted By: Databricks & Carahsoft
Carahsoft September 21, 2023
Carahsoft 5:00 PM ET

Hosted By: Databricks & Carahsoft
Carahsoft September 21, 2023
Carahsoft 1:00 PM ET

Community Resources for Open Source 

Databricks_Guide_to_Large_Language_Models_Wrapped_Final_thumbnail.jpg OPEN SOURCE RESOURCE
Large language models are becoming increasingly important in a variety of applications such as natural language processing, machine translation, code and text generation and more. Download this guide to gain insights into large language models (LLMs).


CISA_Announces_the_Open_Source_Software_Security_Roadmap_thumbnail.JPG OPEN SOURCE RESOURCE
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency just released the Open Source Software Security Roadmap, the latest step in the U.S. government’s effort to improve the nation’s cybersecurity and perhaps the clearest stance given by the U.S. government on the crucial role of open source software in the nation’s cybersecurity and the importance of working with and supporting open source maintainers. Download this resource to gain key insights into how this new roadmap impacts the open source community, open source supply chain security, cybersecurity as a whole and our reactions to how this roadmap is aligned to our mission.


Explore Open Source News Today

Carahsoft April 29, 2021

Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced it has been named Marketing Partner of the Year for the Public Sector by Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions.