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What piXserve Professional Edition for AWS Marketplace Does

piXserve Professional Edition is the leading enterprise search and indexing solution for finding objects, people, scenes, text, logos, and other items of interest within unstructured video repositories.

The product uses computer vision and deep learning to see what a human sees. Video frames are automatically annotated when any of thousands of recognized categories are seen in the video. Users can search by keyword or by visual example to find visually similar content. In many cases, users can provide piXserve a handful of examples to automatically tag images where that specific item is seen. Faces are detected and recognized with high degree of accuracy. Face names can be automatically assigned to frames where that individual is visible. Text on the video, in a variety of languages, is automatically recognized and made searchable. These functions and more are available through a comprehensive user interface as well as through a REST based web services API.

piXserve works with all the major video formats, including live video from broadcast sources or IP addressable cameras. piXserve also integrates with data stored in Hadoop clusters.

piXserve is a highly scalable and cost effective video indexing and search technology. It provides a comprehensive and unique set of features. piXserve on AWS is licensed on a on-demand pay-as-you go hourly subscription. As instances of piXserve can do a lot of work, based on the choice of AMI deployed on, piXserve is very cost competitive vis-à-vis alternatives that price by the image. Because your data never leaves the instance(s) you have launched, and all the computations are done on your instance(s) you have complete control over your assets.

With the click of a button via the AWS Marketplace, you can spin up a pre-configured instance of piXserve Professional Edition right now and start to make a difference to your bottom line.


  • Automatically tag and index the contents of videos – search for scenes, objects, text, or people of interest within your video repository(ies) or from your live video sources
  • Automatically detect, recognize, and name faces
  • Automatically search for text on the image in a variety of languages
  • Rest-based API (purchased separately) for customizable workflow integrations


  • Quickly find what you need among your large video archives
  • Turn unstructured information into actionable knowledge
  • Automatically generate exportable metadata for use by your content management systems and your customers
  • Implement in minutes, no hardware costs (100% cloud based)
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Customizable to a broad range of use cases and workflows

Use Cases

  • Law Enforcement and National Security
  • Advertising and Branding
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Bridge, Critical Infrastructure, and Safety Inspections
  • Aerial video inspections for power lines, pipelines, wind turbines, etc.