Peraton VMware Hidden Costs for Cloud Migration with TCO Calculator

Calculate the hidden Government Cloud Migration Costs of your agency's strategy with Peraton & VMware's TCO Calculator.

When migrating workloads, many feel that going straight to public cloud compute is the way to go because it’s more cost effective and any hybrid compute step is unnecessary. What many don’t know is that with migrating to the cloud, there are a lot of risks and intrinsic costs that are not clearly defined to run workloads on native cloud infrastructures. VMware Cloud on AWS can reduce both these factors and has been a proven success within the commercial space. VMware Cloud on AWS is also FedRAMP Ready High certified and currently working towards being FedRAMP Agency High very soon.

In this video, subject matter experts from VMware and their master services accredited managed service provider, Peraton, discuss their free powerful Cloud Migration Cost Calculator, the TCO Calculator. This new tool uncovers the potential impact of these hidden costs, showing you what the costs are between VMware Cloud on AWS vs the typical public cloud environment.

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