NovoDynamics develops pattern recognition and predictive analytics solutions that are used worldwide by commercial industries, governments, and academia to capitalize on large, disparate data assets. The company offers software products, based on these technologies, which capture, classify, and extract critical data from documents by converting image-based information into digital formats for business process automation, content management, and search and retrieval solutions.


NovoImage+™ is an image enhancement productivity tool that improves the readability of scanned, faxed and camera-captured documents to reduce preparation time, increase document clarity, improve character recognition accuracy, and reduce file sizes.

NovoVerus™ is an industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application for creating machine text in multiple languages from page images. In addition to core Romance language recognition, NovoVerus accurately identifies Middle Eastern and Asian languages including Arabic, Persian (Farsi, Dari), Pashto, Hebrew, Urdu, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

NovoDocufier™ is an intelligent document recognition, classification and data extraction solution that uses advanced image analysis to quickly classify high volumes of varying documents and extract data for further analysis.