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Secure, Safe, and Equitable Vaccine Distribution

November 30, 2020

As several COVID-19 vaccines near regulatory approval in the U.S., the E.U., Japan, and other countries, governments around the world must establish systems to ensure effective and equitable distribution within their countries. At Microsoft, we have been working with public and private sector organizations around the world to help support this monumental task.

Combatting the Prescription Opioid Epidemic

February 14, 2019

To combat the dramatic rise in prescription opioid abuse and overdoses, states are regulating opioid prescriptions and dispensing through the use of prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) systems. In fact, 49 states have laws mandating a PDMP, with 40 states requiring by law that healthcare professionals query a PDMP database before prescribing an opioid. We spoke with Doug Rogers, a Senior Vice President with Microsoft ISV partner, NIC Inc. about their new solution RxGov – how it is transforming this industry and utilizes the best from the Azure platform.