• GCN Report: Designing the New Cloud

    Learn how government's focus is shifting from simple cloud adoption to optimizing resources in order to bring everything together to support the mission and take advantage of the latest innovations.

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  • Cloud: A Blueprint for Modernization

    Read how cloud technology has become a key building block for IT modernization with its increasing sophistication.

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  • Choosing the Right Path to the Cloud

    Discover why agencies need a vision and a plan for using cloud technology to meet security and service demands from Kevin Paschuck, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Public Sector Business Unit at Salesforce.

    • Cloud computing, Salesforce
  • A More Secure Way to Manage and Agree on Documents

    Learn how agencies can create a digital process around preparing, routing, signing and storing documents from Barton Phillips, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at DocuSign.

    • Cloud computing, DocuSign
  • Streamlining and Automating Records Management

    Gary Wootten, Vice President of Public Sector at SpringCM, discusses how a records retention schedule with automated workflows and business processes can improve collaboration.

    • Cloud computing, SpringCM
  • Rapid App Development Tailored to Business Needs

    Learn how to deliver high-value services to constituents from Lynn Lannin, Vice President of Professional Services, and Chad Kelly, Senior Director of Technical Architectures at Publicis.Sapient.

    • Cloud computing, Publicis.Sapient
  • Seamless Government Services via any Channel

    Learn how cloud systems can analyze the content of a citizen’s inquiry for faster response times and empower employee collaboration from Courtney Tandeciarz, Director of Acumen Solutions.

    • Cloud computing, Acumen Solutions
  • Transforming the User Experience Through Cloud

    Discover how agencies can see more value by moving from infrastructure as a service to software as a service from Saša Erić, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital.

    • Cloud computing, Deloitte Digital
  • Outsourcing Innovation to the Cloud

    Learn why choosing a cloud partner based on its commitment to innovation and security will pay untold dividends from Tom Padgett, Senior Vice President, and Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation at SAP.

    • Cloud computing, SAP HANA
  • Cloud Is Fueling the Next Data Revolution

    Read why advanced analytical capabilities require the compute capacities and high-volume storage of the cloud from Tim Solms, Vice President of Public Sector at Cloudera.

    • Cloud computing, Cloudera
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Kshemendra Paul

    Read about how the Department of Homeland Security has approached cloud resource optimization from Kshemendra Paul, Deputy Director of Mission and Strategy at the Information Sharing and Services Office.

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  • Salesforce AppExchange for Government Infographic

    Learn how your organization can increase productivity, eliminate risk, and save time through Salesforce AppExchange, a suite of thousands of apps customized to Salesforce ready to meet your agency's needs.

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  • Overcoming the Digital Dilemma: Five Criteria for Success

    This report from Salesforce details how agencies should evaluate cloud platforms based on their speed, ease of use, innovative features, security and ability to integrate across data sources.

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  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service - Report

    This report from Gartner discusses how high-productivity application platform as a service continues to increase its footprint across enterprise IT as businesses juggle the demand for applications, digital business requirements and skill set challenges. The report then examines the market forces behind this trend and the leading enterprise vendors of these platforms, including Salesforce.

    • Cloud computing, Salesforce
  • Keep Your Business Moving Forward at Lightning Speed Data Sheet

    This data sheet from DocuSign discusses how the app's integration with the latest version of Salesforce harnesses machine learning to automatically fill in frequently used documents and other features to keep documents up-to-date.

    • Cloud computing, DocuSign