• Back to Growth: From Now to Next

    In this Government Matters show, Paul Tatum, Senior Vice President of Solution Engineering at Salesforce, is joined by leaders at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Air Force, and Maximus to discuss the future of work and best practices learned from the rapid shift to mass teleworking to combat the pandemic.

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  • GovTech Report: Best of What’s New in Cloud Computing

    As state and local governments pivoted to respond to new COVID-driven requirements, agencies relied on cloud adoption to fill in the gaps. IT leaders must now evaluate and rationalize the multiple cloud solutions they implemented so quickly.

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  • Cloud-Powered Crisis Response

    The COVID-19 experience sped up cloud adoption, but it needs to be sustainable against current needs.

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  • Cloud Migration as a Path to Modernization

    Carahsoft's AWS team leads Sehar Wahla and Tina Chiao discuss how the cloud simplifies data access, reduces operational costs and enhances security.

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  • How Does Evolving Cloud Adoption Impact Security?

    Sumit Sehgal, Chief Technology Strategist, U.S., at McAfee, explores what organizations need to know about security in cloud-native, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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  • Moving Intelligently Toward the Cloud

    Bryce Petty, EVP of Software Development for SAP NS2, highlights the value of FedRAMP-certified clouds and suggests how organizations can securely take advantage of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

    • Cloud, SAP NS2
  • Paving the Way with Open Source

    Frank DiMuzio, Emerging Technology Lead for Red Hat, discusses how open source lays a foundation for simpler, more flexible and business-smart cloud deployment.

    • Cloud, Red Hat
  • Bill Rials: Why Automation is the Key to Better Cloud Security

    Bill Rials, Ph.D., discusses how cloud is driving the need for new capabilities around managing and securing complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments and how automation can help address these challenges.

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  • The Evolution of Cloud Security

    Matt Goodrich explains that the increasingly robust security of cloud systems helps agencies deliver faster, better customer services.

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  • Cloud's Ongoing Impact on Mission Outcomes

    Jenny Berarducci suggests that agencies choose technology with built-in flexibility to meet their needs now and in the future.

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  • AI Speeds Delivery of Government Services

    Teresa Smetzer explains how using AI to tackle data challenges is critical to empowering missions.

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  • 3 Data Myths Busted by Tableau: A Conversation with Steve Spano

    Steve Spano continues to promote the importance of data and data culture, helping leaders and others in government discover how to leverage data as a strategic asset.

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  • Understand API Use in Modern IT: A Conversation with Shad Imam

    Join Rob Stein and Shad Imam for a conversation about how governments use APIs as building blocks to create ways to engage and to deliver new services and experiences.

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  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Interview

    Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Public Sector at Dell Technologies, and Bill Rowan, Vice President for Federal Sales at VMware, discuss the latest developments in cloud with Federal News Network’s Executive Editor Jason Miller.

    • Cloud, Dell, VMware
  • Leaders In Innovation: Cloud Edition Executive Brief

    Learn from leaders at Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Justice, Department of State, General Services Administration, National Science Foundation, Securities and Exchange Commission, and United States Postal Service on how they've embraced and evolved the Cloud Smart approach to IT modernization within their teams and agencies. Featuring additional insights from technology leaders at Dell Technologies and VMware.

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