• Revolutionize Citizen Service

    In this GCN article, Kevin Paschuck, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of Public Sector and Aerospace and Defense Business Unit at Salesforce, explains how cloud technology helps agencies connect with the public in new and powerful ways.

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  • Agencies Map Out an Advanced Analytics Future

    This GCN article outlines how each implementation reveals new possibilities for leveraging the power of data.

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  • GCN Report: Capitalizing on The Cloud

    Government agencies continue to modernize their IT infrastructure to reduce costs, improve security and IT services - and cloud computing is a critical component of those efforts.

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  • A Conversation with Rick DeLappe

    In this GCN article, Rick DeLappe, Program Manager at Recreation.gov, discusses how the website, Recreation.gov, continues to transform itself to meet ever-changing user needs.​

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  • Wrangling Big Data

    In this GCN article, Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation for Public Sector at SAP, explains how in-memory computing will offer agencies an efficient way to create value from data.

    • SAP
  • Accelerating the Impact of Big Data Initiatives with Data Wrangling

    In this GCN article, Adam Wilson, CEO at Trifacta explains how employing data wrangling techniques can help expedite advanced data analytics.

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  • Pentaho Data Science Pack Datasheet

    This datasheet spotlights how Pentaho's Data Science Pack helped CAT Marine Asset Intelligence improve its data governance and predictive analytics.

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  • Raise the Bar on Customer Service

    In this GCN article, Mike Milburn, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Salesforce Service Cloud, discusses how a new generation of CRM technology can bring big improvements without big costs.

    • Citizen Experience, Salesforce
  • How to Go from Mission Impossible to Mission Success

    In this GCN article, Jacklyn Wynn, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development at RSA, explains why government agencies need to ensure cyber policies and goals are integrated in day-to-day mission execution.

    • Cybersecurity , RSA
  • GCN Report: The Era of Cyber Resilience

    The evolving cyber threat landscape requires agencies to develop a more adaptive, comprehensive approach to securing the enterprise.

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  • Keeping Data in Bound: The Case for a Unified Data Loss Prevention Policy Whitepaper

    Read this whitepaper to learn about the components of a unified data loss prevention policy (DLP) and why agencies must be able to enforce it.

    • Cybersecurity , Symantec
  • Rethink the Possible with the SAP HANA Platform

    This whitepaper explains how the SAP HANA platform lets agencies perform all transaction and analytic processing in-memory and makes data immediately available from a single system.

    • SAP
  • RSA Security Operations Management Datasheet

    This datasheet outlines how RSA Security Operations Management enables enterprises to seamlessly orchestrate people, process, and technology to effectively detect and respond to security threats.

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  • Making Cyber Resilience a Priority

    In this WTOP radio spot, Rob Potter, Vice President of Americas Sales at Symantec, highlights why cyber resilience should become a priority when agencies realize they will be breached.

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  • The Changing Definition of Cyber Resilience

    In this WTOP radio spot, Rob Potter, Vice President of Americans Sales at Symantec, discusses how the definition of cyber resilience is changing.

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