• The State of AI in Government: Policies, Challenges & Practical Use Cases

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, explores how the latest government artificial intelligence initiatives and legislation will help define future breakthroughs. Featuring insights from leaders at the Department of Defense (DoD) and Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as Carahsoft's technology experts.

    • Artificial Intelligence, All
  • The ROI of Moving Automation from Back Office to Mission Areas

    Chris Townsend, Area Vice President of Federal Sales at UiPath, discusses how robotic process automation is set to free up almost $1 billion of productive time across the government, and how it's being utilized at agencies like Veterans' Affairs, Social Security, and Homeland Security.

    • Artificial Intelligence, UiPath
  • The Unmistakable Impact of AI on Agencies

    Nicholas Speece, the Chief Federal Technologist at Snowflake, explains why the opportunity to use AI and machine learning to improve mission delivery across all industries, both government and private sector, is substantial.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Snowflake
  • FCW Report: The Next Phase of AI in Government

    Learn the latest trends for artificial intelligence and machine learning in the public sector with insights from Carahsoft and our solutions partners in this Innovation in Government report, produced in partnership with FCW.

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  • Uncovering AI's True Potential

    Agencies have barely scratched the surface of a technology that has profound implications for government missions.

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  • AI in 2020: Just Get Started

    Anthony Robbins of NVIDIA explains how automating mundane activities is a simple yet powerful way to begin using artificial intelligence.

    • Artificial Intelligence, IT Modernization, NVIDIA
  • The Perfect Storm Behind the Rise of AI

    Jay Boisseau of Dell Technologies says that more data coupled with affordable computing power and better algorithms are making AI accessible for government.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Dell Technologies
  • Transparency's Role in AI Innovation

    David Egts of Red Hat provides insights on how open source tools and a light approach to regulation can speed advances in AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Red Hat
  • Cloud Raises AI to New Heights

    Susie Adams of Microsoft says that cloud and AI together are enabling more robust analysis and sharing of data for better mission outcomes.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, CMMC, Microsoft
  • Modernizing Intelligence Analysis

    Abe Usher and Al Di Leonardo of Black Cape explain how automation technology can help agencies derive insights from data sources too vast for human review.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Black Cape
  • Building Public Trust in Responsible AI

    Matt Tarascio and Chris Benson of Lockheed Martin state that ensuring the ethical, responsible use of AI is crucial to ensuring a bright future for society.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Lockheed Martin
  • The Importance of Adding Context to Data

    David Wray of Micro Focus Government Solutions says that the success of AI and machine learning is rooted in the speed, quality and correlation of data.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • Democratizing Data Science

    Chad Cisco of DataRobot explains that, with automated machine learning, any employee can reap the benefits of AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, DataRobot
  • A New Approach to Data Analytics

    Monica McEwen of ThoughtSpot explains how search-driven analytics puts the power of AI in the hands of even nontechnical employees.

    • Artificial Intelligence, ThoughtSpot
  • A Conversation with Ken Thomson

    Ken Thomson discusses how the Department of Health and Human Services is using artificial intelligence as part of a data-driven initiative to leverage their collective purchasing power.

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