• Hybrid IT Environment Opens the Door for Agencies to Modernize

    Dave Egts, the Chief Technologist for Red Hat North America Public Sector, explains how DevSecOps is an important approach to development for agencies striving to provide streamlined services to citizens while operating in hybrid IT environments.

    • Red Hat, Open Source
  • A Government-Friendly Form of Open Source

    GovTech's public sector research team breaks down the numbers behind the growing trend toward open source adoption and details the reasons enterprise open source is particularly attractive to state and local governments.

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  • Consolidated Toolchains Deliver Better and Safer Software

    John Jeremiah, Product Marketing Leader for GitLab, discusses how a consolidated toolchain management approach improves value and time to delivery.

    • Open Source, GitLab
  • Creating More Relevant Digital Experiences

    Mike Han, CTO and Vice President of Services at Liferay, discusses best practices for modernizing citizen interactions.

    • Open Source, Liferay
  • Success Story: Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs Helped Keep the F-22 Fighter Jet at the Top of its Game

    Innovation in Government Success Stories: Hear how Red Hat Open Innovation Labs worked with Lockheed Martin to update the processes and culture around application development for the F-22 Raptor fighter jet.

    • DevSecOps, Open Source, Software Development, Red Hat
  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Open Source

    Enterprise open source adoption is accelerating across the public and private sectors as top IT organizations lead the way. Learn how state and local governments are using enterprise open source strategies to reduce risk, combat uncertainty and improve collaboration.

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  • How Open Source Concepts Are Permeating All Aspects of IT Modernization

    Jason Corey, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at Red Hat details how open source concepts are permeating all aspects of IT modernization, including scope alignment, change in work practices, risk avoidance and need for permissions.

    • IT Modernization, Open Source, Red Hat
  • Enterprise vs. Community Open Source: What You Need to Know

    In this Q&A, Rob Efrus, president of the Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software in Government (CEOSSG), discusses the benefits of enterprise open source and why government is uniquely positioned to expand open source software adoption.

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  • Open Source Platforms Support Services Innovation

    John Newton, co-founder and CTO at Alfresco, discusses the importance of an open source platform for managing content.

    • Alfresco, Open Source
  • Securely and Efficiently Solving Real-World Problems

    In this Q&A, Paul Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Public Sector at Red Hat, describes how enterprise open source technology can help communities thrive.​

    • Red Hat, Open Source
  • Event-Centric Data Enables The Experiences Citizens Expect

    Jason Schick, Director of U.S. Public Sector for Confluent, discusses how an event-centric approach to data unlocks the value of historical and real-time data across the enterprise.

    • Open Source, Confluent
  • A Better Platform for Big Data Projects

    Brent Leech, Public Sector Regional Director for MongoDB, discusses how an intelligent operational data platform helps government organizations address the challenges of big data.

    • Open Source, MongoDB
  • Open Source: A Common Standard for Cloud, Edge and IoT

    In this Q&A, Red Hat’s Dwight Chamberlain, senior director and head of sales for state and local government and education, discusses the crucial role that open source technology plays in edge computing, IoT and cloud innovation.

    • Cloud, Red Hat, Open Source
  • Red Hat Full Length Radio Show

    Rob Efrus, President of the Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software for Government, and Paul Smith, General Manager and Senior Vice President of the North America Public Sector for Red Hat, discuss a DevOps approach to government, a crowdsourcing approach to security, and much more.

    • Red Hat, Open Source
  • Open Source and a DevOps Approach to Development

    Rob Efrus, the president of the Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software for Government, discusses why using Open Source matches up well with the government’s move to a DevOps approach

    • Red Hat, Open Source