• Mapping the Route to IT Transformation

    Learn why agencies must be strategic about transforming IT while staying on top of daily operational needs from Steve Harris, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Dell EMC Federal.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • Zeroing in on Data Center Modernization

    Discover how agencies can find a balance between the data center and the tactical edge from Cameron Chehreh, Chief Technology Officer at Dell EMC Federal, and how that balance is driving IT transformation efforts.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • Software Development at Startup Speed

    Read more from Keith Salisbury, Vice President for Federal at Pivotal Software, on why applications that address agencies' mission challenges should be created and deployed in days rather than years.

    • Pivotal, IT Modernization
  • Incorporating Security into IT Transformation

    Steve Schmalz, Field Chief Technology Officer of Public Sector at RSA Security, discusses how an intelligence-drive and mission-focused security approach is critical to protecting a modern infrastructure.

    • RSA, IT Modernization
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with C. Melonie Parker

    Read how C. Melonie Parker, Division Chief of the Enterprise Operations Center at the State Department, believes agencies should approach modernizing data centers based on the State Department's previous experiences with modernization drives.

    • All, IT Modernization
  • The Keys to Achieving Bigger Dividends from Federal IT Modernization

    This tech brief, sponsored by Dell EMC and produced by FedScoop, outlines strategies agencies can use to produce higher returns on IT modernization, including rethinking piece-meal assignments, transforming business approaches and future-proofing your technology.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • Transform Federal Missions Snapshot

    This snapshot from Dell EMC provides an overview of how Dell Technologies partners offer a portfolio of solutions to face the federal government's greatest challenges: IT transformation, workforce transformation and security transformation.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • The Key to Federal Workforce Transformation Tech Brief

    This tech brief from Dell EMC discusses how smart technologies' rapid evolution is creating both a new world of possibilities and new pressures to meet changing workforce expectations.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • Pivotal Company Overview Video

    View this video to learn how Pivotal combines platform, tools, and methodology to help the world’s largest companies adapt to change and deliver exceptional user experiences.

    • Pivotal, IT Modernization
  • Pivotal-Defense Innovation Unit Experimental Partnership Video

    View this presentation from Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Enrique Oti on how software development unlocks the next generation of warfare and how a partnership between DIUx and Pivotal enabled a real-world demonstration of this concept.

    • Pivotal, IT Modernization
  • Protecting Public Sector IT White Paper

    This white paper from RSA Security details how public sector security teams can approach protecting mission-critical infrastructures from a business-driven security strategy that aligns risk with business goals.

    • RSA, IT Modernization
  • RSA Mission-Driven Security for the Public Sector Solution Brief

    This solution brief from RSA Security provides an overview of how business-driven security becomes mission-driven security to match with public sector IT ecosystems and to meet agency goals.

    • RSA, IT Modernization
  • Virtustream Advisor Data Sheet

    This datasheet from Virtustream overviews how Virtustream Advisor can provide a targeted cloud adoption strategy to maximize the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing.

    • Virtustream, IT Modernization
  • Transform Security to Keep Vulnerable Data Secure Solution Overview

    This solution overview from VMware details how government agencies can keep their data secure as they transition into digital agencies with more potential vulnerabilities than ever before.

    • VMware, IT Modernization
  • Security First: Keeping Data Safe in the Mobile Cloud Era Whitepaper

    This whitepaper from VMware details how maintaining secure interactions among users, applications and data is more complex than ever - and how to re-evaluate IT's approach to security.

    • VMware, IT Modernization