• Digital Transactions: Moving Agreement to the Cloud

    Barton Phillips, vice president of public sector for DocuSign, highlights the benefits of using cloud-based electronic signature technology for digital interactions.

    • Cloud, Enterprise Security, DocuSign
  • Identity Management: Meeting the Needs of Modern Computing Platforms

    Ted Girard, vice president of public sector for Okta, discusses how modern cloud-based identity systems can address the unique challenges of identity management in edge, cloud and IoT environments.

    • Cloud, Enterprise Security, Okta
  • HyTrust Enteprise-Class Logging

    This solution brief highlights the importance of comprehensive logging and how HyTrust can help agencies meet their compliance and security needs.

    • HyTrust, Enterprise Security
  • GCN Report: Securing the Enterprise

    Industry and government leaders discuss how agencies can better secure their IT enterprise in Carahsoft’s Innovation in Government Report in GCN.

    • Enterprise Security, All
  • Meeting the Demands of the New Enterprise

    This GCN article outlines how federal agencies can better secure their IT enterprise with today's most innovative solutions.

    • Enterprise Security, All
  • One-On-One with David Powner

    In this GCN article, journalist Francis Rose interviews Richard McKinney, CIO of the DoT, about the agency's transition to the cloud and what he foresees as the next step in cloud adoption.

    • Enterprise Security, All
  • HyTrust Software Defined Data Center - White Paper

    This white paper identifies the three industry best practices to securing your agency's virtualized data center.

    • HyTrust, Enterprise Security
  • The Expectation of SSL Everywhere

    This white paper explains why agencies should embrace a broader, higher security posture to protect SSL, the last line of defense for communication and commerce.

    • F5 Networks, Enterprise Security