• Back To Growth: Moving From Now to Next

    Amy Button, Vice President for Aerospace and Government System Integrators at Salesforce, explains how a consolidated, digital platform can help companies recover from pandemic-related economic loss and address diversity and inclusivity in hiring processes.

    • Big Data, Salesforce
  • The Route to Secure, Fast Cloud Adoption

    Rajiv Gupta, Senior Vice President for the Cloud Security Business Unit at McAfee, explains how, by taking a cloud-centric approach to security, agencies can shift their focus to mission outcomes.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , McAfee
  • GovLoop Guide: Raising Agencies' Cyber Intelligence

    Created in partnership with GovLoop, this guide explores how cyber intelligence enables agencies to see their people, processes and technology more clearly for better threat analysis and decision making. Featuring insights from leaders at the Cyber Crime Center, the Defense Logistics Agency and the State of Minnesota.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Cloud Security Considerations for DoD Mission Partners

    Jeffrey Phelan, milCloud® 2.0 Cloud Services Portfolio Lead at GDIT, describes how DOD mission partners benefit from a fit-for-purpose cloud that offers the highest levels of security.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , milCloud 2.0
  • Agencies Must Get Identity Right to Move to a Zero Trust, More Secure Posture

    Morey Haber, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer at BeyondTrust, and Frank Briguglio, Global Public Sector Strategist at SailPoint, explain how identity affects every aspect of cybersecurity for government agencies.

    • CMMC, Cybersecurity , BeyondTrust, SailPoint
  • The Evolution of Trusted Connections

    Habib Hourani, Solutions Engineer at Okta, discusses how zero trust and adaptive security workflows support more robust cloud environments.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Cybersecurity , Okta
  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Cybersecurity

    In this GovTech report, Carahsoft's industry partners discuss how the pandemic has created an inflection point for state and local government cybersecurity strategies and detail how agencies can adapt to massive changes in the risk landscape.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Cloud: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Ted Wagner, Vice President and CISO at SAP NS2, explains why agencies need a blend of people, processes and technology that meets their specific mission needs.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , SAP NS2
  • An Inflection Point for Cybersecurity

    At the start of the pandemic, security personnel and resources were stretched exceedingly thin. Now is the time to reassess security policies and strategies.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Visibility is Essential for Cloud Security

    Ashok Sankar, Director of Industry Marketing, Public Sector and Education at Splunk, explains why managing a secure cloud requires continuous monitoring of all relevant data for meaningful insights.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Cybersecurity , Splunk
  • Time to Reevaluate Security Practices

    State and local government leaders pushed themselves to the limit to keep government operations afloat in the initial phase of the pandemic. Sumit Sehgal, Chief Technology Strategist, U.S., for McAfee, shares insights to help organizations prepare for the future.

    • Cybersecurity , McAfee
  • How Cloud Makes Telework Smarter

    Ignacio Martinez, Vice President of Security, Risk and Compliance at Smartsheet, details how cloud-based tools are transforming teamwork and employee productivity regardless of location.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , Smartsheet
  • Building Resilience through Digital Risk Management

    As organizations undergo digital transformation and move to more dependency on internet-connected devices, disruption occurs. With that disruption comes risk. Steve Schmalz, Field CTO, RSA’s Federal Group, discusses digital risk management and key components of resilience.

    • Cybersecurity , RSA
  • How the Cloud is Redefining Security

    Stephen Kovac, Vice President of Global Government at Zscaler, describes how TIC 3.0 is allowing agencies to extend security to users beyond the network’s perimeter.

    • Cloud, CMMC, Cybersecurity , Zscaler
  • Rise of IoT, OT, Other Non-Traditional Devices Requires a New Approach to Cybersecurity

    Dean Hullings, Global Defense Solutions Strategist at Forescout, examines how identity and access management and training affect mission delivery.

    • CMMC, Cybersecurity , Forescout