• GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Law Enforcement

    This report describes how technology can improve outcomes and achieve greater impacts as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

    • Law Enforcement, All
  • Filling the Gaps

    Technology gains new importance as police departments face budget cuts and resource constraints.

    • Law Enforcement, All
  • Managing Cyber Exposure in Law Enforcement

    Michael Rothschild, Senior Director of Marketing for Tenable, shares advice for protecting data and resources as the cybercrime landscape expands and evolves.

    • CMMC, Law Enforcement, Tenable
  • Using Blockchain Analysis to Fight Crime

    Don Spies, Director of Market Development for Chainalysis, discusses how law enforcement agencies can use blockchain technology to fight crime.

    • Law Enforcement, Chainalysis
  • Supporting the Law Enforcement Community During COVID-19 and Beyond

    Lacey Wean, Director of the Law Enforcement Team at Carahsoft, walks through how the agencies that form the criminal justice system adapted to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

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  • Cloud: The IT Force Multiplier

    Ryan Reynolds, Public Safety Strategy Leader for AWS, explains how the cloud can be a force multiplier by enabling law enforcement agencies to streamline processes and deploy crime-fighting tools faster.

    • Law Enforcement, AWS
  • Morgan Wright: Technology is Key to More Efficient and Effective Law Enforcement

    Morgan Wright explains how technology can help law enforcement agencies manage challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events.

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  • GovLoop Guide: Agencies Build Foundation for DevSecOps Success

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, provides insight into how to make DevSecOps a reality, discusses the pillars of a DevSecOps strategy, and highlights best practices. Featuring insights from leaders at DoD, GSA, Air Force, Army Futures Command, U.S. Transportation Command and Carahsoft's technology experts.

    • DevSecOps, All
  • Keeping Employees and Customers Connected

    Jacquannette Hollie, Senior Manager of Solution Engineering at Salesforce, explores how providing employees the right tools is crucial for customer experience.

    • Citizen Experience, Salesforce
  • The State of AI in Government: Policies, Challenges & Practical Use Cases

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, explores how the latest government artificial intelligence initiatives and legislation will help define future breakthroughs. Featuring insights from leaders at the Department of Defense (DoD) and Small Business Administration (SBA) as well as Carahsoft's technology experts.

    • Artificial Intelligence, All
  • Back to Growth: From Now to Next

    In this Government Matters show, Paul Tatum, Senior Vice President of Solution Engineering at Salesforce, is joined by leaders at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Air Force, and Maximus to discuss the future of work and best practices learned from the rapid shift to mass teleworking to combat the pandemic.

    • Cloud, Salesforce
  • Getting Your Data House in Order Starts with Knowing What You Own

    Jeffrey Phelan, Public Sector CTO at Rubrik, explains why Federal data management efforts are critical to reduce complexity and cost and increase value.

    • Big Data, Rubrik
  • GovTech Report: Best of What’s New in Cloud Computing

    As state and local governments pivoted to respond to new COVID-driven requirements, agencies relied on cloud adoption to fill in the gaps. IT leaders must now evaluate and rationalize the multiple cloud solutions they implemented so quickly.

    • Cloud, All
  • Cloud-Powered Crisis Response

    The COVID-19 experience sped up cloud adoption, but it needs to be sustainable against current needs.

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  • Cloud Migration as a Path to Modernization

    Carahsoft's AWS team leads Sehar Wahla and Tina Chiao discuss how the cloud simplifies data access, reduces operational costs and enhances security.

    • Cloud, AWS