• GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Data, Identity and Privacy

    As governments invest in contact tracing efforts, a larger conversation and focus is developing around data protection and privacy. Learn how state and local agencies are leveraging emerging technologies to support smarter and more secure data usage.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, All
  • Understanding the New Privacy Landscape

    GovTech's research team examines the trends behind how growing concerns around privacy are driving heightened citizen expectations for government agencies to be responsible stewards of personal information and reshaping the regulatory environment for public sector organizations.

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  • Protecting the Data That Matters Most

    Tony Encinias, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, State and Local Government for Dell Technologies, shares best practices to simplify data protection and compliance.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, Dell
  • Simple, Smart and Fast: Search-Driven Analytics for Data Privacy and Compliance

    Helen Xing, Senior Director of Global Public Sector and Industry Alliances at ThoughtSpot, discusses how agencies can use search-driven analytics to simplify and improve data privacy and compliance.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, ThoughtSpot
  • Using a Data-Centric Approach to Reduce Risk and Manage Disruption

    Paul Agbabian, Global CTO and Chief Architect for Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom, makes the case for a data-centric approach to develop resilient data privacy and compliance programs.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, Broadcom
  • Leading Through Change

    Jeremy Blaney, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Tableau, highlights how organizations can use data to lead through change while still meeting privacy and compliance requirements.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, Tableau
  • Mark Weatherford: The Future of Privacy in the U.S.

    Mark Weatherford, Former Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity at DHS, discusses the future of privacy legislation in the U.S. and the role emerging technologies can play in helping agencies contend with growing privacy and regulatory complexity.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, All
  • How Agencies Can Harness Their Data to Drive Better Decisions

    Henry Sowell, the Chief Information Officer at Cloudera Government Solutions, details how agencies can better manage and deal with the volume and velocity of data entering their organizations.

    • Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloudera
  • A Better Platform for Big Data Projects

    Brent Leech, Public Sector Regional Director for MongoDB, discusses how an intelligent operational data platform helps government organizations address the challenges of big data.

    • Big Data, MongoDB, Open Source
  • Through data, agencies can achieve much needed culture, technology change

    Juliana Vida, Chief Technical Advisor for Public Sector at Splunk, joins Federal News Network for a discussion on how Splunk enables agencies to not only improve their cybersecurity posture, but also build out their data-collecting and analytics capabilities.

    • Big Data, Splunk
  • Leveraging AI to Make Modern Day Investigation Possible

    In this WTOP radio spot, Keith Lockhart, the Vice President of Global Training at AccessData, says public sector has to leverage artificial intelligence to make modern day investigations possible.

    • Big Data, AccessData
  • The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning

    In this WTOP radio spot, Keith Lockhart, the Vice President of Global Training at AccessData, shares the benefits of AI and machine learning and how they’re improving public sector investigations.

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  • AD Enterprise - Network Investigation and Post-Breach Analysis Brochure

    This brochure from AccessData outlines how agencies can manage enterprise-wide post-breach, HR and compliance investigations with a single solution.

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  • Changing Workflows and Increased Efficiencies

    In this WTOP radio spot, Keith Lockhart, Vice President of AccessData, highlights the challenges of large data sets and the opportunities they provide agencies.

    • Big Data, AccessData
  • The Future of Data Is Here, and There’s No Going Back Whitepaper

    This whitepaper reviews the results of a recent survey - "The Future of the Public Sector,” that happened in April 2017 with TechValidate™, that asked public sector customers to discuss their big data challenges.

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