• Moving Intelligently Toward the Cloud

    Bryce Petty, EVP of Software Development for SAP NS2, highlights the value of FedRAMP-certified clouds and suggests how organizations can securely take advantage of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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  • Cloud: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Ted Wagner, Vice President and CISO at SAP NS2, explains why agencies need a blend of people, processes and technology that meets their specific mission needs.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , SAP NS2
  • The Role of CX in Digital Transformation

    The VP of Support Services and Business Development at SAP NS2, Greg Simons, says that the push to improve the customer experience is intertwined with agencies’ modernization efforts.

    • Citizen Experience, SAP NS2
  • Making the Most of Industry Innovations

    Kyle Rice, CTO at SAP National Security Services, describes how the latest commercial capabilities can help agencies modernize and secure their operations.

    • SAP NS2, Cybersecurity
  • Platform as a Service Enables Cloud Implementation

    Hunter Downey, Cloud Senior Director for NS2, shares his insights on how government agencies are moving to the cloud to better power agency missions and strategies.

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  • Cyber is a Data Problem

    Learn how agencies can outsmart cyber threats with the help of machine intelligence as written by Barry Leffew, Senior Vice President and General Manager of National Security Services.

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  • Resource: Who is SAP NS2?

    This YouTube video explains who NS2 is and how it functions as a wholly owned subsidiary of SAP America, Inc.

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  • SAP NS2 Brochure

    This brochure highlights how the NS2 Cloud delivers the right mix of Cloud-hosted and On-premise technology based on your agency's needs.

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