Protecting Government Data White Paper

For more than 15 years, the database security experts at Trustwave Government Solutions have helped government organizations design, implement and maintain database security programs custom fit to their needs. Our clients use our database security solutions (Trustwave AppDetectivePRO and Trustwave DbProtect) and managed database security testing services to protect databases around the world.

Database Security Offering

  1. Describe a database security program
  2. Understand the scope through database discovery and inventory
  3. Define standards, security and compliance policies
  4. Conduct vulnerability and configuration assessments
  5. Identify excessively privileged user accounts
  6. Implement risk mitigation and compensating controls
  7. Establish acceptable user and activity policies
  8. Audit privileged user behavior in real-time
  9. Deploy policy-based activity monitoring
  10. Detect, alert, and respond to policy violations in real time
  11. Automation, Reporting and Integration (Move to the Cloud)

Technology alone will not reduce your risk of database compromise. A complete program incorporates people, process and technology. Instituting a proven methodology and identifying the individuals directly responsible for delivering on the program objectives will prevent the over-extension of resources, which can include personnel, IT infrastructure, mission-critical operations, application integrity, budget or political capital. IT security, risk, audit, database administration, application management and IT infrastructure functions will all play a role in the establishment and execution of your process. Determining and establishing the appropriate policies, roles, accountability, workflow, mitigation, reporting and ongoing management will set all stakeholders on a course to achieve your agency’s program goals.