Transitioning to the Cloud: Imagining the Capabilities

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights why agencies need to improve their information management capabilities. Tom Kennedy, the Vice President and General Manager of Veritas Public Sector, describes two emerging trends that tell us why.

The studies show that almost 50 percent annual growth in unstructured data. So you think about that multiplying effect, the reality is throwing infrastructure at the problem just doesn’t scale anymore. Right, you have to start to a strategy around managing your data.

And of course, the other big macro trend is the emergence of the cloud. And I think that everyone is real impressed that the government has been very forward in the cloud adoption. And of course the government came out with a big cloud-first initiative. And so that is a complexity, right? You have--all of a sudden--your data sources might be not just all over the place on prem, but now you have it in private clouds and public clouds and it just adds a layer of complexity.

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