Guardian Alliance Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector

Guardian Background Investigation Software Platform.

  • The Triage Center

    o Investigators are able to invite an unlimited number of applicants to submit their information electronically at no cost.

    • Prescreen applicants and send only those eligible for a background into the Investigation Center.
    • Receive Applicant’s Personal History Questionnaire electronically.
    • Auto-generated concerns report for easy DQ’s when appropriate.
    • Document Management
    • Access to Guardian’s National Applicant Information Center (NAIC). For the first time ever, a centralized data center stores an applicant’s job-seeking activity – such as agencies they’ve applied to, and gives investigators access to a complete record of all applicant PHQ answers provided to any agency in the Guardian Alliance.

    o Application Activity. View when and where the applicant has previously applied.

    o View Supplied Answers. View answers the applicant gave to other agencies when they applied.

    o Track Changes. See what answers applicants changed for any agency.

    o View Removed Answers. See references, employers, etc. the applicant removed before applying.

    o Change Report History. Change reports detail the history of all PHQ changes regardless of agency applied to.

    o Update Investigation. Easily incorporate new data or changed answers into the investigation

    • Easy access to the National Decertification Index (NDI)
  • The Investigation Center

    o Once an applicant has been deemed eligible for a full background through pre-screening, they are assigned to an investigator and the applicant file moves to the Investigation Center where a variety of tools enable performance of tedious tasks effortlessly.

    • Automate and manage investigation assets.
    • Monitor a checklist of areas completed to track when investigations are complete.
    • Use of online forms for references
    • Auto-generates final investigation report.
    • Simplify repetitive tasks
    • Store and retrieve documents.
    • Leverage tools for building and using templates.

    o Investigation Automation. Working hand-in-hand with experienced background investigators across the nation, Guardian has developed a software solution that removes the administrative burden of the investigation, allowing background investigators to focus on their applicant’s suitability to represent their department.

    • Online Application. Applicant answers online questions while the software organizes the data.
    • Investigative Checklist. Conveniently track completed areas of each investigation so nothing is missed.
    • Document Management. Store investigation related documents digitally within applicants electronic file.
    • Final Report Generation. Use template libraries and editors to easily generate online final reports.
    • Employer, Relative, Reference Checklist. Email multiple custom online forms for reference checks with a single click.
    • Local Record Check. Easily send digital faxes to agencies where applicant has spent significant time.
  • The Approval Center

    o Once an investigation is complete and the final report has been generated by the system, investigators are able to easily send it (via hyperlink) up the chain-of-command for approvals.

    • Customize chain-of-command sign-offs
    • Re-open an investigation any time
    • Log & access all approval attempts
  • Background Unit Management

    o Guardian developed features to allow for easy management of background unit personnel, applicants assigned to background investigators, monitoring investigation progress, and more.

    • Monitor Progress. Monitor the progress of any investigation in real time as performed by any user.
    • Investigator Assignment. Assign applicants to investigators and view background completion progress.
    • Personnel Management. Add or remove investigators, supervisors, or staff users as needed.
    • Approval Ladder. Configure and utilize custom chain-of-command sign-offs to finalize applicants.
    • Custom Forms & Documentation. Create your own online forms and manage a centralized document library.
    • Intelligent Agency Reports. Real-time data such as total active investigations and demographic reports.
  • Secure & Compliant

    o Guardian utilizes the advanced security protection offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud while complying with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) standard.

    • AWS GovCloud. Hosted and secured on Amazon Web Services (AWS GovCloud US).
    • CJIS Compliant. Guardian complies with the FBI CJIS Security Policy
    • No IT Requirements. No setup fee. Nothing to Install. No equipment to purchase.
  • ANCILLARY: Social Media Screening Reports

    o Machine learning and natural language processing analyzes an applicant’s public online and social media presence for indicators of problematic behaviors and delivers insights to help better evaluate suitability.

    • Order a report that reveals any potentially problematic behaviors on social media with the click of a mouse button from within any investigation file.
    • Searches Image & Text. Automatically searches images and textual posts for specific keywords.
    • Tech + People. A careful blend of technology and people to ensure accuracy of report findings.
    • Machine learning and AI can spot thousands of job-relevant behaviors.
    • Global Languages. Built to read image and text in any non-Asian character based language.
    • 24 Hour Turnaround. Guaranteed reports in 24 hours, with an average turnaround of 3-4 hours.
    • Accurate Reports. Quickly view concerns in online reports that are 99.98% accurate (FCRA & EEOC compliant)
  • ANCILLARY: Credit Reports

    o Order credit reports on any applicant without leaving the applicant investigation file. Reports automatically populate to the final investigation report. Reports comply with FCRA.