Security professionals are being bombarded with escalating demands and expectations from CEOs and corporate boards, who find their digitally dependent organizations at significant risk from a wide variety of cyberthreats, an expanded attack surface, and the inability of security tools to keep up with more data on faster networks.

Download “Countering Escalating Cyberthreats with a New Security Architecture” to learn how to:

  • Tackle threats with a next-generation network packet broker.
  • Reduce development, management and IT costs with a centralized security architecture.
  • Simplify security environments so you can spend more time on strategy.
  • Extend the life of legacy systems and easily introduce new tools and solutions.
  • Adopt a new approach to cybersecurity that isn’t costly, complex or counterproductive.

The bottom line is that cybersecurity is an executive issue. This whitepaper, based on an IDG CSO survey, shows how next-generation network packet brokers meet today’s cybersecurity demands.