Gemini Data’s solution, Gemini Enterprise, securely removes cost and complexity from data platform management, enables fast and accurate analysis across data silos, and allows users to easily communicate analysis results in the form of Stories, creating an organizational system of record. With Gemini:

• Gain enterprise knowledge and awareness
• Accelerate Analysis with Context
• Simplify Data Platform Management for Analysis

Our software has been built in adherence to the DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), Common Criteria Certification and SoC 2 requirements. Headquartered in San Francisco with global offices, Gemini Data serves customers across the globe.


Gemini SBOX Appliance

The Gemini SBOX Appliance removes complexity from Big Data. Deploy Splunk in minutes and quickly provision infrastructure needed to launch Hadoop clusters with Cloudera. Easily tweak network configurations, orchestrate tasks, schedule activities and even visualize your topology, all through a unified management interface. With the Gemini Integration Center, launch applications and connect to today’s leading technologies.

Gemini Atlas

Gemini Atlas uses the power of machine intelligence and human collaboration to simplify and accelerate investigations. Connect with SIEMS, security apps, and other data sources without translation or mapping. Use AI to understand relationships and build a powerful graph-based intelligence repository, and easily build and share stories to create a system of record.