Simpplr for Employee Experience

Simpplr for Employee Experience

Simpplr is the leading AI-powered employee experience platform. Organizations use our products to deliver personalized experiences that inspire and engage their employees. Wherever people work, Simpplr enables them to flourish.

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Visualize Employee Engagement with Simpplr's Dashboards

Give employees unified, personalized, and seamless access to the people, information, and help they need to flourish.

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Simpplr Employee Newsletter

Employee Newsletter overview

  • Drag and drop layout editor helps to quickly produce attractive, on-brand emails
  • Maximize impact with insightful, newsletter-level analytics and heatmaps
  • Improve open and engagement rates with 1:1 personalization
  • Maximize reach and timeliness with multi-channel delivery
  • Avoid inbox bloat with easy audience management and targeting
  • Works seamlessly with Simpplr intranet

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Simpplr Native Video

Supercharge employee engagement with a media-rich intranet

  • Simplify video management
  • Instantly record, upload, and share video messages
  • Fully searchable: Automatically transcribe and index video files

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Simpplr Mobile

Native mobile apps connect and engage employees on the go.