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  • 5 Considerations for Situational Awareness Planning

    February 26th, 2016

    Situational awareness can be defined simply as awareness of what’s going on around you. For individuals, this means understanding your immediate surroundings and seeing who is there, where the nearest exit is, how far is the next intersection, and other direct geographical components. For those involved in national security, situational awareness is decidedly more complex. Situational Awareness in the DoD encompasses the knowledge and understanding of what is happening on networks, the cyber security systems in place that defend them, and what is happening with forces deployed world-wide.

  • Five Ways to Make Big Data Work for You

    November 2nd, 2015

    Big Data has become the rallying cry of IT professionals and analysts alike. The ability to access and process all of the data our systems hold allows us to leverage the power huge troves of information provide to predict future events. But with all the hype around Big Data, many organizations struggle to figure out not only how to make it work, but how to make it applicable to their purposes. We’ve pulled together five examples of how Big Data can make a big difference: