Centrifuge Systems, Inc. is a big data discovery technology that provides the scalability and flexibility to connect, visualize and collaborate without complex data integration, costly services or data science degree. The platform combines sophisticated data connectivity, link-analysis, interactive visualizations and other features.

Centrifuge Systems, Inc. has successfully been deployed in a wide range of Big Data Analytics and Link Analysis environments for: fraud and misuse, financial analysis, cyber security, insider threat, and national security.

Centrifuge Systems provides an advanced data analytics, visualization and link analysis tool. The Centrifuge tool is thin-client, browser-based, with the heavy lifting being performed on the server. Data sources can be from a combination of local repositories (Excel, MySQL, Access), relational databases (Oracle or other JDBC compliant database), noSQL (Marklogic), or cloud (Cloudera or other Hadoop variants). Centrifuge can ingest data from these multiple data sources simultaneously, joining or appending the data; the GUI allows easily defining filters to capture specific subsets from the data sources. This capability also allows enrichment of data sources by users that have no training in programming or SQL: for example, local data from spreadsheets can be joined to data from an enterprise relational database. Visualizations include tabular views, histograms, drill charts, pie charts, bubble charts, time-lines, temporal playback views, and relationship graphs. For relationship graphs, Centrifuge can render more than 500,000 graph nodes given a sufficiently powerful server. In cases where there are many millions of rows, the user can iteratively explore the data via the broadcasting and other filtering features, where slices of the data can be selected with the mouse in a chart and then rendered in the relationship graph.

The views are all highly interactive, and can be configured to drive one another for data highlighting or filtering purposes. The results can be sent as KML to a number of geospatial viewers, including ESRI and Google Earth, which are used widely within the IC/DOD. Current high side network deployments include NSA, DIA, CIA, SOCOM, & ONI.

Advanced users can share their visualization configurations as "templates", which allows co-workers to get to work quickly on a common problem.

Application areas include SIGINT, CI/HUMINT, CYBER, FININT, Social Network Analysis, Collection Management, and Fraud Detection. The Intelligence Community has deployed both the full Centrifuge tool, and OWF implementations. Results can be published as either PDFs for reporting, or as "live assets" for collaboration with other operational users.

The architecture is open and can be combined with a variety of 3rd party tools (COTS, GOTS & open source) for search, entity extraction, or complex event processing. Centrifuge's analytic rendering and visualization capabilities support data understanding, discovery of non-obvious relationships, decision support, identification of trends, and management dashboards.