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CalypsoAI and Carahsoft have partnered together to provide a series of self-guided tours of CalypsoAI's products and features. Similar to a live demo, the self-guided tours explores how CalypsoAI's products and features applies to a specific technology vertical such as Artificial Intelligence.


Learn about CalypsoAI's benefits, watch a short pre-recorded demo video, and download related resources. If interested in furthering the conversation, you can also schedule a live demo with a CalypsoAI expert from Carahsoft. Start a Self-Guided Tour now by selecting one below: 


CalypsoAI Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

CalypsoAI Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

The field for external artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) model testing and evaluation today is burgeoning and organizations often rely on internal red-teams or ad hoc testing regimes that are not scalable and lack CalypsoAI’s ability to validate model robustness beyond standard model metrics. The availability of scalable testing tools has paved the way for smoother adoption processes by eliminating uncertainties related to model quality and security. This progress has significantly enhanced the confidence in AI applications. CalypsoAI takes a proactive stance, empowering organizations to take charge of their AI/ML endeavors. Through their VESPR Validate solution, CalypsoAI enables thorough testing of algorithm performance in deployment-specific scenarios. This approach ensures that AI models are not only safe and secure but also effective, instilling trust in end-users and decision makers by meeting mission needs.

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CalypsoAI’s Benefits Snapshot:


  • Enhance governance efficiency with customizable controls and policy enforcement across multi-LLM usage.
  • Monitor and audit user and user group engagement comprehensively.
  • Facilitate the creation of a strategic roadmap for enterprise-wide LLM deployment.
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CalypsoAI Moderator

CalypsoAI Moderator is a tool that enables customers to use LLMs safely and securely.This tool enables customers to embrace Generative AI without having to worry about the risk to an organization’s safety or security.The tool features a full wraparound security perimeter, not only protecting your organization from known LLM risks, but also emerging technology.


  • Observability and visibility- gain understanding and insight into user interactions and LLM output
  • Security- Detect and shield CVEs proactively
  • Control- define enterprise-wide preventive guardrails for LLMs