Desktop Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Contract # N00104-12-A-ZF31

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Adobe Desktop Products Enterprise Software Agreement

This Ordering Guide has been developed by the DoD ESI team to assist IT buyers and contracting officials to order technology products and/or services from the ESI BPA holder. This Guide contains essential information about the BPA, identifies the authorized users of the BPA, summarizes the products and services available under the BPA and instructions for users to place an order, and provides Points of Contact information to provide support.

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Authorized BPA Users

a. The BPA is open for ordering by all DoD Components, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Military Departments, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD IG), the Defense Agencies, the DoD Field Activities, the U. S. Coast Guard, NATO, the Intelligence Community.

b. GSA or other applicable ordering organizations/agencies are authorized to place orders under the BPA on behalf of DoD end users and must comply with DFARS 208.7400.

c. Government contractors performing work for a DoD end user (as defined above) may place Delivery Orders under the BPA on behalf of and for the benefit of the DoD entity if authorized by their cognizant Contracting Officer in accordance with the requirements of FAR 51 and/or DFARS251 as appropriate. When authorizing contractor use of Government supply sources, follow the procedures at PGI 251.102 at:

Products & Services

Category: Office Systems

Publisher(s): Adobe

Product Line: Digital Media (Formerly Desktop) Products to include Licenses, Upgrade Licenses, Upgrade Plan, Renewal Upgrade Plan and Support products.

GSA or Open Market Items (Refer to vendor's pricelist): Software Media and Documentation

(Full list is available at

Acrobat DC Disclaimer for Government Customers

Ordering Officer Responsibilities

a. Ordering is decentralized. Orders are to be prepared by a Government Ordering Officer (a duly warranted Contracting Officer whose warrant authorizes purchases from the GSA Schedule) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the BPA and the GSA Schedule.

b. This is a multiple award BPA established non-competitively against GSA Schedule. Refer to the ESI website at for the listing of the multiple award vendors.

c. It is the responsibility of the Ordering Officer to:

i. Comply with the ordering procedures of FAR 8.4 and DFARS 208.4

ii. Obtain competition and/or execute and publish brand name or limited source justifications as applicable.

iii. Provide fair opportunity to be considered for each order to all BPA holders who offer the applicable product and/or service required;

iv. Ensure compliance with all fiscal laws prior to issuing an order under the BPA;

v. Incorporate into the order any regulatory and statutory requirements that are applicable to the agency for which the order is placed, if pertinent requirements are not already included in the BPA; [Note: The DFARS clauses listed in Attachment E of the BPA are those in effect as of the effective date of the BPA. Ordering Offices are responsible for incorporating the most current version of the applicable DFARS clauses in the Delivery Order as appropriate.]

vi. Obtain the required authorization to acquire the products or services through the ESI BPA in accordance with FAR Part 51 when a third party is ordering on behalf of a DoD component;

vii. Ensure the vendor selected for the order represents the best value and the lowest overall cost alternative. (Note that the BPA terms encourage spot discounting.);

viii. Review the terms and conditions recommended for ordering software, services or hardware provided in the BPA Attachments and secure the additional terms and conditions that represent the best value for the government

Ordering Process

a. DFARS Regulation 208.74

i. The BPA is an Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) as defined in DFARS 208.74, which directs DoD software buyers and requiring officials to check the DoD ESI website ( for DoD inventory or the availability of an ESA or component specific Enterprise Agreement (EA) before using another method of acquisition. These steps aresummarized as follows from the DFARS:

1. Check the Enterprise Agreement Summary Table at to determine if commercial IT products or services have already been purchased and are available from DoD inventory or through an enterprise software agreement. If they are available,purchase the designated software from DoD inventory and reimburse the SPM.

2. If the required commercial products or services are not available from inventory or from an enterprise software agreement, the DoD component may use an alternate method of acquisition, subject to applicable laws and policy.

3. If the required commercial products or services are not available from inventory but are available from an enterprise software agreement, buyers must follow the procedure in the DFARS Section 208.74.

4. If a DoD component must obtain the commercial products or services outside the DoD ESI BPA, the component may seek a waiver from a management official designated by the DoD Component.


i. Orders are subject to the ordering office’s local policy, the underlying GSA Federal Supply
Schedule, and the terms of the BPA and may be placed directly with the vendor after
compliance with the ordering procedures specified in paragraph 4 above by:

1. Execution of delivery/task order (SF1449) through the servicing base contracting office.

a. Contractor / Vendor Information

Ordering Address

11493 Sunset Hills Road

Suite 100

Reston, Virginia 20190

Remit To Same as Ordering Address


DUNS 088365767

TIN 52-2189693

Business Size Small Business

b. Place BPA number N00104-12-A-ZF31 in Block 2 and a locally assigned delivery
order number in Block 4. Or, place GSA Contract Number GS-35F-0119Y in Block 2
and a locally assigned GSA delivery order number in Block 4. When the GSA
Contract Number appears in Block 2, Block 20 of the SF1449 must include a
statement that the order is subject to the terms and conditions of BPA N00104-12-A-ZF31.

*Delivery order number assignment is determined by the Ordering Office internal procedures.

c. Information Required from the Ordering Office.

i. End User Agency Information (this is the Government receiving entity and must be as specific as possible).

ii. Ordering Activity, if different than the End User Agency (includes the PCO Name and Phone Number)

iii. End User Name (specify the Government end-user)

iv. End User Email Address

v. End User Phone Number

d. Open Market (non-contract) items may be added to a FSS BPA individual order, provided that the items are clearly labeled as such on the order, all applicable regulations have been followed, and price reasonableness has been determined by the ordering activity for the open market items.

e. The completed SF1449 will be forwarded (fax or mail) to the contractor at the following address:

Same as above

Ordering FAX # - (703) 871-8505

f. A copy of SF1449 must be sent to the servicing DFAS center.

2. Government Wide Purchase Card via telephone or on-line.

a. On-Line Orders can be placed via the following e-commerce sites:

i. Telephone ordering with Governmentwide purchase cards will be available to all customers upon receipt of price quotation. All orders placed via telephone will require the following information:

Valid credit card number

Expiration date

CSV Code

Bill to, Ship to, and End-User information including:
Name, Agency, Title, Address, Phone and Email address

For questions or customer support please contact:

Niki Quan
(703) 871-8541

ii. Ordering website will be made available based on customer request post award.

b. Information Required from the Ordering Office

i. End User Agency Information (this is the Government receiving entity and must be as specific as possible)

ii. Ordering Activity, if different than the End User Agency (includes the PCO Name and Phone Number)

iii. End User Name (specify the Government end-user)

iv. End User Email Address

v. End User Phone Number