Apigee (NASDAQ: APIC) provides an intelligent API platform for digital business. Apigee provides an innovative software platform that serves as a connection layer between Apigee's customers’ core IT systems and data, and the applications with which their customers, partners, and employees engage with their business. Apigee's web scale and flexible platform processes billions of API calls per week and allows businesses to secure, manage, scale and analyze API traffic, and to design and deploy both APIs and a systematic API strategy. The cloud service provides up to 99.99% availability and uptime, and a multi-region API delivery network enabling low latency worldwide. Apigee has designed a comprehensive security solution to enable security at all points of engagement, from users, apps, developers, the API team, the APIs themselves to the back-end systems.

Apigee's customers include many leading businesses: 23 of the Fortune 100, six of the top 10 Global 2000 retail brands and five of the top 10 global telecommunications companies. Apigee customers include global enterprises such as Walgreens, Burberry, Morningstar, and First Data. Apigee is headquartered in San Jose, California and has over 400 employees worldwide.


Apigee's intelligent API platform is designed for the digital economy and the data-rich and mobile-driven APIs and applications that power it. It is designed to service the needs of the stakeholders across the new digital value chain, from the backend systems of record through to the developers of apps to customers who have a digital experience delivered by a mobile app or a connected device. This platform is designed to empower business leaders, IT technologists and developers to build and operate digital businesses. The platform is comprised of the following products:

  • Apigee Edge

    Apigee Edge is a self-service API platform that enables businesses to manage the digital value chain from exposure of their services and data through APIs to the use of those APIs by developers who are building consumer-facing and enterprise applications, and to measure the success of the business’s digital initiatives with end-to-end analytics.

    Apigee Edge SMB is API management for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-delivered service that enables up to 25 Million API calls/quarter for a monthly subscription fee. It is designed to enable businesses to deploy in days on the same technology as the Apigee Edge product and upgrade to the Apigee Edge product as the business grows.


  • Apigee Insights

    Apigee Insights is the self-service predictive analytics solution that enables the enterprise to find time-based patterns in big data—both structured and unstructured—and gain insights to help an enterprise provide personalized experiences, maximize customer satisfaction and retention and grow revenue and profits.


  • Apigee Developer

    Apigee Developer is comprised of Apigee Edge Free, two open source products, Apigee 127 and Apigee Zetta, and open source projects that Apigee sponsors. Apigee Edge Free provides a free, self-service, non-expiring cloud-based trial of Apigee Edge to developers. Apigee 127 is an open source, design-first toolkit for building rich, enterprise-class APIs on a laptop or any local development environment, which can be deployed on multiple platforms as a service. Apigee Zetta is an open source platform for creating IoT servers that run across geo-distributed computers and in the cloud. In addition, Apigee provides free API documentation tools that facilitate developers’ learning and testing of APIs. Developers, in turn, are able to redistribute these tools through community sites.


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