In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the healthcare industry hit an unfortunate milestone of recording at least one ransomware attack against a healthcare facility every single day. The healthcare sector's widespread use of legacy devices and massive amounts of stored Protected Healthcare Information (PHI), makes the industry an environment ripe for threat actors. As the industry emerges from the shadow of the COVID-19 global pandemic, healthcare and pharma are trying to do more with less. A microsegmentation posture can empower healthcare and pharma cybersecurity professionals to remain steps ahead of ransomware attacks.

Watch this recording where subject matter experts dive into realities of keeping your organization's reputation alive and well during a ransomware event. Speakers covered:

  • How ransomware is growing within the healthcare sector and what can be done to stop it in its tracks
  • How microsegmentation has progressed in sophistication to be able to stop ransomware attacks from spreading and protect legacy systems in the healthcare sector
  • The anatomy of a modern ransomware attack and how zero trust segmentation disrupts the chain
  • How to decrease the severity and recovery time of ransomware events that may occur in complex environments
  • Cost and time effective advancements in host-based segmentation
  • Why not all microsegmentation options are created equal, and what capabilities are required for maximum risk reduction

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