VMware NSX is the networking and security platform that enables government agencies to boost their security profile within datacenters while building on existing infrastructure investments. NSX network virtualization brings a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) approach to network cybersecurity through isolation, segmentation and integration that supports a vast array of 3rdparty security vendors (including Symantec, Palo Alto, and many others).

NSX is the platform for advanced security services. VMware has integrated with industry leading networking and security vendors to provide intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and anti-virus. VMware NSX can automate micro-segmentation in a software-defined data center, all the way to the virtual machine (VM) level. By doing so, NSX puts zero trust security within your reach and allows end users can increase control not only on north south traffic moving in and out of the datacenter, but also on east west traffic moving within the data center.

Implementing security can be challenging and time consuming, especially when working within the virtual world. NSX allows the user to significantly reduce the time to provision multi-tier networking and security services by creating virtual networks. By aligning the deployment of networking and security with compute and storage, NSX can allow IT administrators to develop, test and deploy new applications faster than ever with greater agility.


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