Nuxeo delivers the most modern Content Services Platform today. It helps agencies unlock the value of data to unify and extend the use of digital information – wherever it resides – through modern, content-driven applications. The Nuxeo platform is holistic solution that enables you to customize your infrastructure, implement your own content-driven applications, and delivers out of the box functionality so you can create the solution you need to fit your business needs. With Nuxeo organizations can:

  • Extract critical business knowledge.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Achieve faster time-to-value and lower costs.
  • Enhance the citizen experience.
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Utilizing modern technologies like open source, cloud and Artificial Intelligence, the Nuxeo content services platform enables agencies to continuously innovate their business applications as requirements change for a truly future-proof solution. Whether your mission is delivering citizen services or protecting our nation, Nuxeo provides a scalable, flexible solution that fits your business needs, saves money and improves efficiency.


  • Nuxeo Platform – Content Services Platform

    The Nuxeo platform delivers flexible, centralized management and access to content across the enterprise. It integrates with existing systems, connects to core content repositories, and applies a rich metadata layer to existing assets. Nuxeo enables agencies to view content in one place and apply new content-driven applications without the disruption of moving legacy applications onto a new platform.

  • Document Management

    Manage traditional content types like documents (MS Office, PDF) with a modern, flexible platform that moves beyond “retrieve and present” to make content usable. Nuxeo provides context within automated business processes to deliver the relevant content required to process the task at hand.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Manage digital assets like emails and rich media (audio, video, geospatial, 3-D) using Nuxeo’s highly scalable platform with an extensible data model. The Nuxeo CSP includes versioning, tagging, metadata and rendering capabilities that can be configured for any size and type of asset.

  • Nuxeo Cloud

    A quick and easy way to access lightweight Nuxeo Platform instances on-demand.

  • Case Management

    Nuxeo case management unifies content and document management with tasking and automation enabling complex and robust case management capabilities including versioning, drag and drop workflows, and ability to include all types of rich media natively within the case.