NCS Technologies is a leading domestic computer manufacturer located in Gainesville, VA. NCS is shipping the Cirrus LT PCoIP mobile zero client laptop, a compact notebook that is highly secure and delivers all the functionality of a traditional desktop or laptop computer. The zero client laptop is complete with docking station, battery, and Wi-Fi capability. In addition, NCS offers an end-to-end portfolio of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), including a new data center appliance, network management software, desktop zero clients, and the zero client laptop PC. For enterprises and government, this turnkey virtual solution reduces costs, improves security and eases IT administration.

Other NCS computers range from commercial-off-the-shelf laptops and desktops for use in offices and schools to custom-built high-performance servers for use in corporate networks as application delivery platforms. NCS also builds computers for use as military tactical equipment or workstations. Whatever the challenge, NCS delivers the exact computing solution required with the highest quality and reliability. For more information, please go to www.ncst.com.


NCS Cirrus LT - PCoIP mobile zero client laptop, a compact, highly secure notebook that delivers all the functionality of a traditional desktop computer. It is complete with docking station, battery and Wi-Fi capability.


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