The economic climate is forcing government organizations to contend with critical and competing demands. Agencies must expand services, stimulate and acceler­ate economic growth, provide better customer service, and comply with privacy and environmental regulations – all while cutting costs and handling an ever grow­ing workload.

Kofax enables government organizations to handle these conflicting needs through the secure, automated, capture enabled processing of documents, helping agencies increase efficiency, reduce costs and paper, improve service, and become leaner and greener.

Process Transparency and Efficiency

Automate the input of information to multiple processes and enable cross-departmental collaboration.

Efficient High-Quality Service to Constituents

Make high quality data available and accelerate commu­nication and service delivery to constituents and businesses.

Cost Reduction and Process Acceleration

Provides automated, capture enabled processing of docu­ments, eliminating manual data entry and search, paper storage, and shipping.

Regulatory Compliance

Trace and audit the acquisition of data from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast adoption of regulatory requirements
  • Improved process transparency and efficiency
  • Cost reduction and process acceleration
  • Efficient high-quality service to constituents

Primary Applications:

  • Customer Service
    Improve service quality and efficiency for constituents. Handle inquiries and applications faster and com­municate in a customer-centric way while reducing workload and costs.
  • Case Management and Collaboration
    Enable the efficient exchange of information to accelerate case management processes. Fulfill the needs of constituents more efficiently, contributing to economic recovery and governmental processing excel­lence.
  • Records Management
    Automatically capture, process, and archive high volumes of records and related documents from citizens and businesses in an efficient, integrated, and compliant manner.
  • Invoice Processing
    Increase efficiency and reduce cost and risk by accelerating and streamlining the processing of invoices – including exception and approval handling – in a variety of formats and from widely distributed suppliers.


Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture™ (abbreviated internally only as KC) provides industry leading scan-to-archive capabilities by scanning documents and forms to create digital images, extracting index data for retrieval purposes, and delivering the images and associated data to a variety of repositories and applications.

Kofax Web Capture

Kofax Web Capture™ (abbreviated internally only as KWC) is a comprehensive toolkit that scans and image enables any web application or business portal.

Kofax Front Office Server

Kofax Front Office Server™ (abbreviated internally only as KFS) extends existing Kofax Capture business processes to customer-facing employees seeking to initiate transactions, workflows, and capture process­es at the earliest point of contact to leverage existing resources in remote or branch offices.

Kofax Transformation Modules

Kofax Transformation Modules™ (abbreviated internally only as KTM) add document classification, page separation, data extraction, and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture to drive robust capture-to-process applications.

Kofax Communication Server

The Kofax Communication Server™ (abbreviated internally only as KCS) enables the automated exchange of business critical information, linking both inbound and outbound services provided by devices such as fax and phone systems, media types that include email, FoIP, SMS, MMS, voicemail and telex, applica­tions such as ERP, CRM and Kofax enterprise applications, and social collaboration tools.

Kofax Mobile Capture Platform

The Kofax Mobile Capture™ Platform enables organizations to rapidly deploy Kofax’s patented and market leading image capture and perfection, real time data extraction and validation, process management, and analytics capabilities into mobile apps.

Kofax Analytics for Capture

Kofax Analytics for Capture™ provides intelligent dashboards for increasing the effectiveness of Kofax Capture. It delivers interactive views into system performance, accuracy, and productivity to better enable you to report its effectiveness and improve system throughput.


GSA Schedule Contracts

GSA Schedule 70

GSA Schedule 70 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0119Y Term: December 20, 2011- June 17, 2017

SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020

State & Local Contracts

City of Seattle Contract

Contract #0000003265 Term: June 17, 2017


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through September 30, 2017

Fairfax County IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Virginia- Fairfax County CONTRACT EXPIRATION: October 4, 2020 (with 5 option years)

National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA)

Term: through May 31, 2018 (with 2 option renewal years)

Ohio State Contract- 534354

Contract # 534354 Term: June 17, 2017

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Through May 31, 2020 (with 2 option years)


Contract Number: UVA1482501 Contract Term: May 2, 2014– June 17, 2017

VITA Contract

Term: through March 31, 2018



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