Over 25,000 customers rely on Invincea to prevent and detect endpoint threats while enabling their workforce to conduct business. Invincea stops malware, spear-phishing, weaponized Office documents, and other threats. This is achieved by combining deep learning, behavioral monitoring, and isolation technology in a single agent– working together for better protection.


X by Invincea: Launched on May 11, 2016, X by Invincea minimizes the trade-off executives are forced to make between security and business performance. More than 4 million users rely on Invincea to prevent and detect endpoint threats while enabling their work forces to conduct business—in the office and on the road. Only X combines machine learning, behavioral monitoring and isolation technology to eliminate endpoint security blind spots. This means X can detect and block malware, weaponized Office docs and other endpoint threats without relying on signatures. X comes with Performance-Built-In™ - your workforce won’t know it’s there, but you will.


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The explosive growth of desktop virtualization has been driven by IT cost savings, greater compliance and governance of end-user computing, better service delivery models, disaster recovery / business continuity, and providing support for converged desktop environments –the impact on security is j...

Large Federal Agency uses Invincea to protect against spear phishing attacks.

The latest development in advanced attacks is an evolution in malware that Invincea has observed across many of our 2 million customer endpoints: “just-in-time” (JIT), on-host assembly of malware. This novel approach compromises systems while evading detection from network sandbox and traditiona...

Java accounts for more than 50% of all malware attacks, leads the pack with the most discovered vulnerabilities, and is often the slowest software to patch, if at all, due to the extensive use of Java across enterprise applications. This white paper examines the security realities of protecting Jav...

Invincea’s innovation is fueled by our relationship with DARPA — the US government agency working on breakthrough technologies for national security. In support of DARPA, Invincea develops technology based on the broadest and deepest understanding of the risks facing our nation.

Combining the visibility and control of an endpoint solution with the intelligence of cloud analysis, Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection is the only market-deployed solution that defends against zero-day exploits, file-less malware, and previously unknown malware.

Every day, organizations are forced to make a choice between security and workforce performance, but business demands that you do both effectively. The endpoint security industry has failed to provide a solution for this impossible choice. Until now.

The news over the past 18 to 24 months proves one alarming fact - the single largest threat your organization faces today is network breach. Your employees have become the primary target of a diverse set of motivated adversaries bent on one objective: penetrating your network in order to gain acces...

Invincea 1H 2015 Advanced Endpoint Threat Report Invincea’s semiannual threat report documents the noteworthy threats we observe, often weeks before other security firms due to our non-signature-based sensors deployed across our global user base. With two million users worldwide, Invincea has a u...

Invincea is the market leader in the use of secure virtual containers for user protection against cyber security threats including spear-phishing, watering hole attacks, drive-by downloads, and ransomware.