Imperva is the leader in application data security, delivering data governance and protection solutions that monitor, audit, and secure business applications and databases. Imperva's practical solutions provide full visibility into all data access, enabling operationally efficient granular control and maintenance of critical data. An increasing number of government organizations worldwide rely on Imperva's automated, scalable, and business-relevant solutions to prevent data theft and data abuse, and to ensure data integrity.

The Imperva award-winning SecureSphere products protect web applications, databases, and enterprise applications, including Oracle and SAP, from both internal and external threats. Imperva's SecureSphere Web Application Firewall and Database Security Gateway provide defense in depth.

SecureSphere's Dynamic Profiling technology automatically examines live application and database traffic to create a comprehensive profile of the structure and dynamics of the application and database. Valid application and database changes are automatically recognized and incorporated into the profile over time. Dynamic Profiling also creates a model of legitimate user behaviors. By comparing profiled elements to actual traffic, SecureSphere is able to detect and block malicious activity and usage policy exceptions of any kind.

SecureSphere offers real-time alerts and blocking for unauthorized, illegitimate activity including SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, parameter tampering, privilege abuse and numerous other types of attacks. In addition to protecting applications and databases, SecureSphere also tracks all data access and usage and can provide the following:

  • An automated system to track, control, and log all access to sensitive data, including all activity by the DBA, developers, and other privileged users
  • Defense against application and database misuse and attacks, well in advance of vendor fixes
  • Real-time detection and alerts for unauthorized, illegitimate activity
  • Ease of deployment and on-going management
  • No impact on applications and IT infrastructure
  • Scalability and centralized management


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